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Migrate Pulsar to StreamNative Platform

Out of the box, the latest features of Pulsar and additional service of StreamNative Platform are shipped in each StreamNative Platform release, so migrating a Pulsar cluster to StreamNative Platform can be easily done by performing a rolling restart of Pulsar brokers.

To migrate a Pulsar cluster to StreamNative Platform, follow the steps below.

  1. Copy the files under the ${PULSAR_HOME}/conf directory of Pulsar to the /etc/pulsar directory of StreamNative Platform.

  2. After canary test to upgrade some brokers or proxies in your cluster, you can upgrade all brokers or proxies in your cluster.

    Before upgrading, you have to decide whether to upgrade the whole cluster at once, including downtime and rolling upgrade scenarios.

    In a rolling upgrade scenario, you can upgrade one broker or one proxy at a time if the size of the cluster is small. If your cluster is large, you can upgrade brokers or proxies in batches. When you upgrade a batch of brokers or proxies, make sure the remaining brokers and proxies in the cluster have enough capacity to handle the traffic during upgrade.

    In a downtime upgrade scenario, shut down the entire cluster, upgrade each broker or proxy, and then start the cluster.

    While you upgrade in both scenarios, the procedure is the same for each broker or proxy.

    (1) Stop the broker or proxy.

    (2) Upgrade the software (either new binary or new configuration files).

    (3) Start the broker or proxy.