StreamNative Cloud Workshop

On-Demand Webinar

Host: David Kjerrumgaard, StreamNative Developer Advocate


Watch Apache Pulsar Committer and Streamnative Developer Advocate, David Kjerrumgaard to discover how StreamNative Cloud is being used to build real-time data applications and to transform streams for analytics and business insights.

In this webinar, Kjerrumgaard dives into different use cases to show how businesses are using StreamNative Cloud to accelerate their time-to-value with Pulsar. He also provides a hands-on demo of StreamNative Cloud, including how to:

  • Connect your first application to Pulsar
  • Use the Cloud Console for monitoring your application
  • Use SQL to query the data in your stream in real-time
  • Get an early look into using StreamNative Cloud seamlessly with Kafka applications via Kafka-on-Pulsar

This webinar is designed for individuals familiar with Pulsar technology and who are interested to learn how StreamNative Cloud helps to simplify, scale, and expand real-time data platforms.

Please enjoy the video!

Meet the Speakers
David Kjerrumgaard
StreamNative Developer Advocate
Author of "Apache Pulsar in Action"
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