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Cloud-Native Event Streaming powered by Apache Pulsar

Unlock the full potential of upstream Apache Pulsar


Ingest data from anywhere, any platform, and use your favoriate messaging protocols


Unlock many new use cases stemming from infinite data retention


Enable modern stream processing capabilities to power real-time applications or streaming transformations

Publish and subscribe to event streams at scale

Pub & Sub

Unified streaming & queueing

Pulsar IO

Ingest data without writing code


Seamlessly integrate with Apache Kafka

Store infinite event streams reliably at scale

Apache BookKeeper

Amazon S3

Google Cloud Services

Process event streams in real-time at scale

Pulsar Functions

Serverless computing

Pulsar-Spark & Pulsar-Flink

Unified data processing

Pulsar SQL (Presto)

SQL queries at scale

About Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar is a cloud-native, distributed messaging and streaming platform that manages hundreds of billions of events per day. Pulsar was originally developed and deployed inside Yahoo as the consolidated messaging platform connecting critical Yahoo applications such as Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Mail, and Flickr, to data. Pulsar was contributed to open source by Yahoo in 2016 and became a top-level Apache Software Foundation project in 2018.

Built on BookKeeper

Apache BookKeeper is a large scale distributed log storage system that is able to store trillions of events per day. It was developed for addressing the high availability challenges for HDFS NameNode. BookKeeper became a top-level Apache Software Foundation project in 2014, and has been adopted by Twitter, Yahoo, Salesforce, Bytedance (Tiktok) and other major technology companies. BookKeeper is the default message storage for Apache Pulsar, which provides a durable, strong consistent log storage for storing all the messages for Pulsar.

Why Apache Pulsar?


Streamline operations and avoid data silos.

Hierarchical topic management

Scale out to support millions of topics

Encryption, Authorization, and Authorization

Protect and share your event streams in a highly secured way

Isolation and Quotas

Comprehensive polices to ensure service isolation and resource quotas


Instant scalability without partition rebalancing.

Multi-layer architecture

Scale computation and storage independently

Segment-centric storage

Expand cluster without recopying partitions to rebalance

Automatical storage tiering

Store all time-range of event data in different storage tiers

Multi-cluster Replication

Keep your data safe with integrated, multi-datacenter replication.

Built-in replication

Configurable replication between clusters across multiple geographic regions

Flexible replication setup

Support active-active, active-standy, aggregate, and full-mesh replication

Global consistency

Support replicated subscription, sync and async replication

Try StreamNative

Run Anyway

An enterprise-ready event streaming platform built by the original developers of Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper


Fully Managed Service

A fully-supported, turnkey enterprise offering managed and operated by the Pulsar core team, who has deep experience operating Pulsar and BookKeeper at internet scale.

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