Reimagine Kafka for the data streaming age

StreamNative re-architected data streaming from the ground up for cloud native environments. Our ONE StreamNative Platform powered by Ursa engine offers scalable, high performant and cost efficient, and Kafka API-compatible data streaming platform that can run on any clouds. 

Pulsar Summit North America 2024

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Apache Pulsar Summit from October 28-29, 2024, organized by StreamNative in San Francisco! Do you have a Pulsar or Kafka journey to share? Our theme this year is "Data Streaming and AI" and we are looking for stories that are innovative, informative, or thought-provoking. Join us to speak at the summit!

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Introducing Ursa Engine

Learn about our latest innovation, Ursa! It is Kafka compatible engine built on Lakehouse storage.

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Harnessing Real-Time Data Streams with StreamNative and Databricks for Enhanced Product Recommendations

Join us for an exciting webcast hosted by StreamNative and Databricks, where we explore the seamless integration of real-time data streaming with advanced analytics to drive business insights and product recommendations.

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Reimagine Kafka with StreamNative

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Enhance your data streaming journey with ONE StreamNative Platform

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Our optimized data streaming architecture takes center stage. Ursa, ensures that data streams efficiently, enabling seamless scalability at a fraction of the cost.


With built-in connectors and APIs, StreamNative Platform empowers you to effortlessly integrate data from diverse sources.


Security compliant with SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA, and more. With features like Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and encryption, your data remains protected at every step.

Deploy Everywhere

Available on all major cloud providers, including AWS, GCP, and Azure, our platform offers flexible deployment options, from fully managed Hosted services to BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) and Private Cloud deployments.

The most cost-effective data streaming platform powered by the Ursa Engine

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100% compatible with Kafka API.Migrate to StreamNative without rewriting your applications. Continue to use the entire Kafka ecosystem out-of-the box.

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No more time sunk into managing zookeeper. No ZooKeeper makes for easier deployments in modern containerized environments such as Kubernetes.

All your data are immediately available in Your data Lakehouse. No more disks to manage.

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Lakehouse First

Instant structured data to the Lakehouse.No data tiering anymore. Data streamed into StreamNative becomes instantly available in Lakehouse formats for querying. Use of Lakehouse storage formats for long term retention keeps costs to a minimum.

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StreamNative is a Leader in the Gigaom Radar for Streaming Data Platform, 2024

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Find out why our customers love us
"StreamNative has been a huge partner in our journey with Apache Pulsar. The team’s Pulsar expertise and knowledge have helped us to architect and launch what is now the central messaging platform for our company. The central messaging platform is mission-critical for our business and Pulsar powers the notifications for the tracking and delivery of millions of packages every day."
René Laplaine, Manager IT Business Platforms at Intelcom
Customer since 2019
Find out why our customers love us
“We trust StreamNative to help us manage the entire lifecycle of data across our enterprise, which supports billions of ecommerce interactions across the globe. There’s really no one ahead of StreamNative when it comes to unified messaging and streaming in the cloud.”
Ankush Goyal, VP of Engineering at Narvar
Customer since 2019
Find out why our customers love us
“For nearly the same cost, a pulsar cluster was able to support 3.5 times the throughput of an equivalent Active MQ”
Madhavan Narayanan, Principal Engineer at Intuit
Customer since 2019
Find out why our customers love us
"After evaluating several messaging systems, we decided that Pulsar provided the right balance of scalability, reliability, and features to replace RabbitMQ at Iterable and, ultimately, to replace other messaging systems like Kafka and Amazon SQS."
Greg Methvin, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Iterable
Customer since 2019

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