A versatile central messaging and data-streaming service to simplify operations.

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StreamNative Cloud serves as the central nervous system of your infrastructure with state-of-the-art features with a lower total cost of ownership

An ideal central nervous system for your infrastructure

Ideal for multiple teams

Strong isolation features enable multiple internal teams to safely use the same StreamNative cluster. Easily scale to meet business needs, with up-to-infinite message retention, and a large ecosystem you can connect to from our console.

Simplified Operations

Achieve operational simplicity with Pulsar Functions, a lightweight processing framework. Create powerful processing logic with enhanced Pulsar Functions without setting up separate systems like Apache Flink or Apache Spark.

Compatible with Legacy Applications

StreamNative Cloud is compatible with legacy protocols Kafka, AMQP, and MQTT. Run legacy applications on StreamNative while leveraging the scalability of Pulsar and simplifying your architecture.

Limited Vendor Dependency

StreamNative Cloud delivers peace of mind for a critical part of your infrastructure while the core Pulsar features are open source.

Enterprise Support

24/7 service, support, and regional expertise with engineers based in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Manage Pulsar at scale in our cloud or yours

StreamNative Cloud delivers fully managed Apache Pulsar in the cloud of your choice. We offer three deployment options to easily and safely connect to your existing tech stack with our reliable, turnkey service.


StreamNative clusters hosted on StreamNative's public cloud account

Bring Your Own Cloud

On your public cloud account - AWS, GCP, Azure - but managed by StreamNative

Private Cloud License

Self-managed by your team on Kubernetes, on-premise or across hybrid environments

Apache Pulsar enables modern, real-time data architecture


Natively multi-tenant and proposing namespaces, Apache Pulsar is ideal to distribute messaging and streaming capabilities throughout the enterprise.

Highly Resilient

Apache Pulsar incorporates multiple fault-tolerant features, including component redundancy and data replication. These make it natively resilient to the loss of any components, with an automatic recovery of incidents without the risk of downtime or messages lost. Clients also automatically detect and recover from a disconnection, in a way completely transparent to the applications.


Due to its unique architecture that separates the compute layer from the storage layer, Apache Pulsar is natively elastic and can be resized without risking downtime or delays.


Apache Pulsar enables both both messaging and streaming use cases as well as third-party storage for long retention, schema registry, and a serverless computing framework.

Good Fit For Any Technical Context

StreamNative and the Pulsar community have developed hundreds of Connectors that easily connect other technologies with Pulsar, such as databases, stream processing frameworks, or other legacy data streaming systems.

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Customers love StreamNative
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“The key for us is that Pulsar not only has the queue delivery mode, which is very popular in Discord, but it also has a partitioned style delivery mode. These partitions have time ordering guarantees that queues don’t, and we take advantage of that to have a very short watermark kind of experience. And so that’s how we can get accurate results with low latency.”

David Christle

Staff machine learning engineer at Discord

Customers love StreamNative
"StreamNative has been a huge partner in our journey with Apache Pulsar. The team’s Pulsar expertise and knowledge have helped us to architect and launch what is now the central messaging platform for our company. The central messaging platform is mission-critical for our business and Pulsar powers the notifications for the tracking and delivery of millions of packages every day."

René Laplaine

Manager IT Business Platforms at Intelcom

Teams love Pulsar
"Pulsar provides us with a highly consistent and highly reliable distributed message queue that fits well in our financial use cases. Multi-tenant and storage separation architecture design greatly reduce our operational and maintenance overhead. We have used Pulsar on a very large scale in our organization and we are impressed that Pulsar is able to provide high consistency while supporting high concurrent client connections."

Qiang Fei

Tech Lead at Tencent

Customers love StreamNative
"After evaluating several messaging systems, we decided that Pulsar provided the right balance of scalability, reliability, and features to replace RabbitMQ at Iterable and, ultimately, to replace other messaging systems like Kafka and Amazon SQS."

Greg Methvin

Senior Staff Software Engineer at Iterable