Simplify Management of Apache Pulsar

Simplify oversight of your Apache Pulsar clusters with StreamNative Cloud, an enterprise-grade offering of Apache Pulsar, built by the original creators of Apache Pulsar.

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StreamNative Cloud is a cloud-native messaging and event-streaming platform for building applications and data infrastructure with real-time or historical events.

Enterprise Support

24/7 service, support, and regional expertise with engineers based in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Manage Pulsar at scale in our cloud or yours

StreamNative Cloud delivers fully managed Apache Pulsar in the cloud of your choice. We offer three deployment options to easily and safely connect to your existing tech stack with our reliable, turnkey service.


StreamNative clusters hosted on StreamNative's public cloud account

Bring Your Own Cloud

On your public cloud account - AWS, GCP, Azure - but managed by StreamNative

Private Cloud License

Self-managed by your team on Kubernetes, on-premise or across hybrid environments

Apache Pulsar has stunning features, StreamNative Cloud
makes them easier

Manage Scalability Without Downtime

StreamNative Cloud makes it easier for enterprises to scale their cluster up and down. What if you need more or less throughput? Just add or remove more brokers. What if you need more or less storage? Just add or remove storage nodes. StreamNative Cloud handles everything automatically with no manual partition rebalancing or long maintenance periods required.

Highly Resilient

Apache Pulsar incorporates multiple fault-tolerant features, including component redundancy and data replication. These features make it natively resilient to the loss of any components, with an automatic recovery of such an incident without any downtime or message loss. Clients also automatically detect and recover from a disconnection, in a way completely transparent to the applications.

Unmatched Uptime with Multi-Region / Multi-Cloud

StreamNative Cloud can even protect your applications from the failure of a complete region, with real-time georeplicated clusters and automated cluster failover.

Entreprise-Grade Security & Compliance

We meet the highest standards for security and compliance in order to protect the sensitive data of customers and end users: end-to-end encryption, incident response and management procedures, compliance with SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR, etc.

Health Monitoring

We developed our own tools to monitor and control the health of Apache Pulsar clusters, combining both built-in metrics system and in-house alerts and notifications, always checking that your cluster is alive and performant.

Management Console

StreamNative console provides a user-friendly interface for performing tasks such as resizing the cluster, creating and managing topics, viewing metrics and logs, and managing access control.

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Customers love StreamNative
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“The key for us is that Pulsar not only has the queue delivery mode, which is very popular in Discord, but it also has a partitioned style delivery mode. These partitions have time ordering guarantees that queues don’t, and we take advantage of that to have a very short watermark kind of experience. And so that’s how we can get accurate results with low latency.”

David Christle

Staff machine learning engineer at Discord

Customers love StreamNative
"StreamNative has been a huge partner in our journey with Apache Pulsar. The team’s Pulsar expertise and knowledge have helped us to architect and launch what is now the central messaging platform for our company. The central messaging platform is mission-critical for our business and Pulsar powers the notifications for the tracking and delivery of millions of packages every day."

René Laplaine

Manager IT Business Platforms at Intelcom

Teams love Pulsar
"Pulsar provides us with a highly consistent and highly reliable distributed message queue that fits well in our financial use cases. Multi-tenant and storage separation architecture design greatly reduce our operational and maintenance overhead. We have used Pulsar on a very large scale in our organization and we are impressed that Pulsar is able to provide high consistency while supporting high concurrent client connections."

Qiang Fei

Tech Lead at Tencent

Customers love StreamNative
"After evaluating several messaging systems, we decided that Pulsar provided the right balance of scalability, reliability, and features to replace RabbitMQ at Iterable and, ultimately, to replace other messaging systems like Kafka and Amazon SQS."

Greg Methvin

Senior Staff Software Engineer at Iterable