Run Apache Pulsar with confidence.

StreamNative Cloud empowers teams to deliver on the most sophisticated data-streaming and event-messaging business processes.

Scalability Without Downtime

StreamNative cloud manages everything automatically without the need for manual partition rebalancing or long maintenance periods.

One-click deployments and self-service provisioning

Simplify architecture by supporting up to one million topics on a cluster

StreamNative Operator supports rolling upgrades, rollbacks, and horizontal scaling

Built-in Pulsar resource operators and Terraform provider

Add or remove brokers to manage throughput

Add or remove storage nodes to manage storage needs

Centralized Operations and Observability

Retain complete visibility into cluster performance and health.

Centralized cluster management

Real-time and historical visualizations

Multi-instance deployment monitoring

Role-based access controls

Guaranteed message delivery

Connect Your Ecosystem

Quickly and reliably connect Pulsar with other data sources and legacy apps. Streamline installation and upgrades to reduce connector management.

Compatible with AMQP, MQTT, and Kafka protocols

Access the StreamNative Hub with 40+ connectors

Latest version of StreamNative open-source connectors

Built-in Enterprise-Grade Security

Confidently deploy Pulsar clusters with governance and full audit control while maintaining global compliance standards.

Deploy access controls and policy enforcement at scale for both users and applications

SOC 2 Type II, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant

Role-based access controls

End-to-end encryption

Audit logs and vulnerability monitoring

Private network connectivity

Secrets management

Why teams trust StreamNative.

Backed by Pulsar experts
Tap into unparalleled expertise with
enterprise-grade support from StreamNative.

Guaranteed Reliability at Scale
Leverage Pulsar for mission-critical data streaming and messaging with StreamNative.

24/7 enterprise support

Leading contributors of open source Apache Pulsar

Original creators of Apache Pulsar

Self-paced courses and hands-on training via StreamNative Academy

99.95% uptime SLA

Automated  failure recovery

Multi-AZ replication

Managed upgrades

Manage Pulsar at scale in our cloud or yours

StreamNative Cloud delivers fully managed Apache Pulsar in the cloud of your choice. We offer three deployment options to easily and safely connect to your existing tech stack with our reliable, turnkey service.


StreamNative clusters hosted on StreamNative's public cloud account

Bring Your Own Cloud

On your public cloud account - AWS, GCP, Azure - but managed by StreamNative

Private Cloud License

Self-managed by your team on Kubernetes, on-premise or across hybrid environments