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Episode 2: The Path to Ursa, Cost-Conscious Data Streaming for Kafka and Beyond with Sijie Guo and Matteo Merli of StreamNative

Let's sit down with Sijie Guo and Matteo Merli of StreamNative to discuss the motivation for developing Ursa, StreamNative's Kafka API-compatible streaming engine built on Lakehouse storage. We will step back to understand the motivations for developing Pulsar as a cloud-native alternative to Kafka with cost savings in mind throughout its development. As the Kafka API becomes a standard protocol for event streaming, StreamNative's Ursa allows organizations with existing Kafka developers and applications to take full advantage of the cost-savings benefits of Pulsar. These cost-savings benefits are then further extended by Ursa's added support for Lakehouse storage.

Dustin Nest
Orchestrator of aha! moments by developing and executing interactive software training. Chemical Engineering PhD background provides for unique perspective training industrial clients.


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