29 min

End to end secure pulsar deployment: Safeguard data flow and protect against threats

In this talk we will describe the journey to secure Pulsar deployments in the Cisco IoT cloud native platform from the moment a new Pulsar release is made available to the time it is deployed in production clusters. The Pulsar clusters are deployed in a highly available, geo-replicated mode for disaster recovery with the requirement to secure all intra and inter cluster communications. We will cover best practices for: - addressing security vulnerabilities in open-source packages - configuring Pulsar with Istio service mesh, TLS encryption and JWT token authentication and distribution - Pulsar dependencies on PKI, certificate management, DNS, VAULT - implementing periodic credential rotation These security best practices helped us to march towards SOC2 and ISO27001 compliance from the get-go.

This Session recording was originally presented at Pulsar  Summit North America 2023.

Shail Bhargava
Technical Leader, Cisco
Alec Hothan
Principal Engineer, Cisco


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