28 min

Cross the Streams! Creating Streaming Data Pipelines with Apache Flink + Apache Pulsar

Pulsar Summit San Francisco 2022


Despite what the Ghostbusters said, we’re going to go ahead and cross (or, join) the streams. This session covers getting started with streaming data pipelines, maximizing Pulsar’s messaging system alongside one of the most flexible streaming frameworks available, Apache Flink. Specifically, we’ll demonstrate the use of Flink SQL, which provides various abstractions and allows your pipeline to be language-agnostic. So, if you want to leverage the power of a high-speed, highly customizable stream processing engine without the usual overhead and learning curves of the technologies involved (and their interconnected relationships), then this talk is for you.

Watch the step-by-step demo to build a unified batch and streaming pipeline from scratch with Pulsar, via the Flink SQL client. This means you don’t need to be familiar with Flink, (or even a specific programming language). The examples provided are built for highly complex systems, but the talk itself will be accessible to any experience level.

Download the slides

Caito Scherr


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