27 min

Is Using KoP (Kafka-on-Pulsar) a Good Idea?

Pulsar Summit San Francisco 2022


So, you are a responsible software engineer building microservices for Apache Kafka, and life is good. Eventually, you hear the community talking about the outstanding experience they are having with Apache Pulsar features. They talk about infinite event stream retention, a rebalance-free architecture, native support for event processing, and multi-tenancy. Exciting, right? Most people would want to migrate their code to Pulsar. Especially when you know that Pulsar also supports Kafka clients natively via the protocol handler known as KoP — which enables the Kafka client APIs on Pulsar. But, as said before, you are responsible; and you don't believe in fairy tales, just like you don't believe that migrations like this happen effortlessly.

This session will discuss the architecture behind protocol handlers, what it means having one enabled on Pulsar, and how the KoP works. It will detail the effort required to migrate a microservice written for Kafka to Pulsar, and whether the code need to change for this.

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Ricardo Ferreira
Senior Developer Advocate, Amazon Web Services


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