23 min

Unlocking the Power of Lakehouse Architectures with Apache Pulsar and Apache Hudi

Pulsar Summit San Francisco 2022


Lakehouses are quickly growing in popularity as a new approach to Data Platform Architecture bringing some of the long-established benefits from OLTP world to OLAP, including transactions, record-level updates/deletes, and changes streaming. In this talk, we will discuss Apache Hudi and how it unlocks possibilities of building your own fully open-source Lakehouse featuring a rich set of integrations with existing technologies, including Apache Pulsar.

In this session, we will present: - What Lakehouses are, and why they are needed. - What Apache Hudi is and how it works. - Provide a use-case and demo that applies Apache Hudi’s DeltaStreamer tool to ingest data from Apache Pulsar.

Download the slides

Addison Higham
Chief Architect, StreamNative
Alexey Kudinkin
Founding Engineer, Onehouse


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