32 min

Building an Asynchronous Application Framework with Python and Pulsar

Pulsar Summit - San Francisco - 2022


This talk describes Klaviyo’s internal messaging system, an asynchronous application framework built around Pulsar that provides a set of high-quality tools for building business-critical asynchronous data flows in unreliable environments.

This framework includes: a pulsar ORM and schema migrator for topic configuration; a retry/replay system; a versioned schema registry; a consumer framework oriented around preventing message loss and in hostile environments while maximizing observability; an experimental “online schema change” for topics; and more.

Development of this system was informed by lessons learned during heavy use of datastores like RabbitMQ and Kafka, and frameworks like Celery, Spark, and Flink.

In addition to the capabilities of this system, this talk will also cover (sometimes painful) lessons learned about the process of converting a heterogenous async-computing environment onto Pulsar and a unified model.

Download the slides

Zac Bentley
Lead Site Reliability Engineer, Klaviyo


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