"Apache Pulsar in Action" by David Kjerrumgaard - Book Launch

Learn How to Maximize the Value of your Data With an Event-Driven Architecture

Today, many companies are undergoing digital transformation in order to maximize the business value of their data. They are pivoting away from a pure streaming workload to unified batch and streaming workloads, migrating from monolithic architecture to microservices, and looking for new solutions to unlock new use cases. Apache Pulsar’s cloud-native capabilities and unified messaging model makes it uniquely positioned to meet business’ emerging needs.

David Kjerrumgaard’s book "Apache Pulsar in Action" is your ultimate guide to getting started with Apache Pulsar. Join David for this virtual book launch to discover why companies are adopting Pulsar over traditional messaging systems and how Pulsar can benefit your organization.

David Kjerrumgaard
David is a Sales Engineer and former Developer Advocate for StreamNative with a focus on helping developers solve their streaming data challenges using Apache Pulsar. He has over 15 years of experience working with open source projects in the Big Data, Stream Processing, and Distributed Computing spaces. David is the author of the book Pulsar in Action.


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