Cover page of 2023 messaging benchmark report: Apache Pulsar vs. RabbitMQ vs. NATS JetStream

2023 Messaging Benchmark Report: Apache Pulsar vs. RabbitMQ vs. NATS JetStream

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Get your copy of the 2023 Messaging Benchmark Report: Apache Pulsar vs. RabbitMQ vs. NATS JetStream today!

When building scalable, reliable, and efficient applications, choosing the right messaging and streaming platform is critical. In this 2023 messaging benchmark report, we compare the technical performances of three of the most popular messaging platforms: Apache Pulsar, RabbitMQ, and NATS JetStream.

We conducted four benchmark tests to evaluate each platform’s performance under various conditions, such as workload variations, node failure, and backlogs. The aim was to assess each platform’s responses to these conditions and to provide insights into their capabilities in a given environment. Read the full report here.

Key benchmark findings include:

  • Pulsar showed a higher peak consumer throughput of 2.6M msgs/s compared to RabbitMQ’s 48K msgs/s and NATS JetStream’s 160K msgs/s.
  • Pulsar outperformed RabbitMQ during the backlog drain with a stable publish rate of 100K msgs/s, while RabbitMQ's publish rate dropped by more than 50%.
  • Pulsar's p99 latency was 300x better than RabbitMQ and 40x better than NATS JetStream at a topic count of 50.
  • Pulsar demonstrated better scalability, handling increasing loads and numbers of topics more effectively than NATS JetStream and RabbitMQ.

Apache Kafka was not included in our benchmark as it does not support "queuing" scenarios. If you want more information on Kafka, please refer to the Pulsar vs. Kafka 2022 Benchmark report.

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Jihyun Tornow
Director of Product Marketing at StreamNative. She is a strategic and adaptive Product and Business Development leader with over 16 years experience driving cross-functional programs and global teams. Jihyun is located in San Jose, California.
Picture of Elliot West from streamnative
Elliot West
Elliot West is a Platform Engineer at StreamNative. He has been working with large-scale data platforms ever since creating systems with Hadoop for an early UK-based music social network. More recently he built an organisation-wide platform to deliver self-service streaming capabilities to Expedia Group’s family of data scientists, engineers, and analysts.
Picture of Matteo Merli CTO of streamnative
Matteo Merli
CTO at StreamNative - Co-creator and PMC Chair of Apache Pulsar


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