tow page of the white paper "How Apache Pulsar is Helping Iterable Scale its Customer Engagement Platform"

Iterable is a cross-channel marketing platform that powers unified customer experiences and empowers customers to create, optimize and measure every interaction across the entire customer journey.

In this blog, Greg Methvin, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Iterable, discusses how Pulsar's ability to support both streaming and queueing use cases and its ability to scale were key factors driving the adoption of Pulsar. He also shares in detail how they used Pulsar to replace RabbitMQ, and, ultimately, to replace other messaging systems, like Kafka and Amazon SQS.

You will learn more from this blog:

  • Distributed messaging systems support two types of semantics: streaming and queueing. Each is best suited for certain kinds of use cases.
  • Apache Pulsar is unique in that it supports both streaming and queueing use cases.
  • Pulsar’s multi-layered architecture allows users to scale the number and size of topics more conveniently than other messaging systems.
  • Pulsar provided the right balance of scalability, reliability, and features to replace RabbitMQ at Iterable and, ultimately, to replace other messaging systems like Kafka and Amazon SQS.

This article was originally published on InfoQ on November 30, 2020.

Picture of Greg Methvin from streamnative
Greg Methvin
Greg Methvin is a software developer based in San Francisco. He enjoys learning about different technologies and using them to solve challenging problems. He's currently a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Iterable, where he works on core product infrastructure and data engineering. He's also an active open source contributor and maintainer, including for the pulsar4s Pulsar client for Scala, and for the Play web framework. He previously worked at several other technology startups, and received a B.S. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.


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