tow page of the whitepaper "Kafka-on-Pulsar: bring native Kafka protocol support to Apache Pulsar"

Kafka-on-Pulsar: bring native Kafka protocol support to Apache Pulsar

We are excited to announce that StreamNative and OVHcloud are open-sourcing “Kafka on Pulsar" (KoP). KoP brings the native Apache Kafka protocol support to Apache Pulsar by introducing a Kafka protocol handler on Pulsar brokers. By adding the KoP protocol handler to your existing Pulsar cluster, you can now migrate your existing Kafka applications and services to Pulsar without modifying the code. This enables Kafka applications to leverage Pulsar’s powerful features, such as:

  • Streamlined operations with enterprise-grade multi-tenancy
  • Simplified operations with a rebalance-free architecture
  • Infinite event stream retention with Apache BookKeeper and tiered storage
  • Serverless event processing with Pulsar Functions
Picture of Pierre Zemb from streamnative
Pierre Zemb
Pierre Zemb is a Tech Lead working around distributed and storage systems at OVHcloud. He is currently working on ioStream, a topic-as-a-service product. He started to become an Apache contributor through contributions to Flink, HBase and Pulsar. He's also giving a hand to differents local events, such as the local Devoxx4Kids, JUG/GDG and DevFest.
Picture of Jai Zhai
Jia Zhai
Jia is a co-founder at StreamNative, where he leads the business development and engineering teams in Asia. Prior to StreamNative, he was a technical leader at EMC Beijing, where he focused on distributed storage service and big data infrastructure. Jia Zhai is a PMC Member of Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper. Jia lives in Beijing, China.
Picture of Sijie Guo
Sijie Guo
Sijie’s journey with Apache Pulsar began at Yahoo! where he was part of the team working to develop a global messaging platform for the company. He then went to Twitter, where he led the messaging infrastructure group and co-created DistributedLog and Twitter EventBus. In 2017, he co-founded Streamlio, which was acquired by Splunk, and in 2019 he founded StreamNative. He is one of the original creators of Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper, and remains VP of Apache BookKeeper and PMC Member of Apache Pulsar. Sijie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.


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