Ursa Whitepaper: The Kafka API-Compatible-Data Streaming Engine Built on the Lakehouse

10 min. read

Data professionals, meet Ursa—a next-generation data streaming solution that simplifies your operations while maximizing efficiency and scalability. Built on the Apache Pulsar framework, Ursa provides unparalleled performance, flexibility, and ease of deployment. In this whitepaper, you'll discover how to meet modern data demands with cost efficiency.

Key Topics Include:

  • Infinite Scalability : Scale your data streams seamlessly with Ursa. Leverage cloud-native features to grow without limits, ensuring your system can handle any data load.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Enjoy lower TCO with Ursa's cost-efficient architecture. By running directly on commodity object stores like AWS S3, GCP GCS, and Azure Blob Storage, we help you save on storage and operational costs.
  • Seamless Deployment Anywhere: Deploy Ursa effortlessly wherever Kubernetes runs. Our solution fits your existing infrastructure, allowing for quick and smooth integration.
  • Apache Kafka API-Compatible: Built for compatibility, Ursa supports the Apache Kafka API, providing a versatile data streaming engine that ensures a smooth transition and interoperability with your current systems.
  • Support for Lakehouse Table Formats: Ursa stores streams in lakehouse table formats, such as Hudi, Iceberg, and Delta Lake, making it easier to manage and analyze your data efficiently.

Ready to optimize your data streaming for modern cloud environments? Discover how your organization can experience infinite scalability, lower costs, and seamless deployment.

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