Nov 4, 2022
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Announcing Conference Schedule for Pulsar Summit Asia 2022

Sherlock Xu
Content Strategist, StreamNative
pulsar summit asia 2022

This August, we concluded Pulsar Summit SF, our first-ever, in-person event in North America. It witnessed over 12 breakout sessions and 5 keynotes with over 200 attendees from Apple, Blizzard, IBM, Optum, Iterable, Twitter, Uber, and many more. As we could see from the conference, there is an increase in the adoption of Pulsar and growing interest in messaging and streaming. And now, we are excited to invite you to Pulsar Summit Aisa 2022 to explore the latest messaging and streaming technologies!

Held on November 19th and 20th, this two-day virtual event will feature 36 sessions by developers, engineers, architects, and technologists from ByteDance, Huawei, Tencent, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) Software Innovation Center, Yum China, Netease, vivo, WeChat, Nutanix, StreamNative, and many more. It will include sessions on Pulsar use cases, its ecosystem, operations, and technology deep dives.

Featured sessions

Let’s have a quick look at some of the featured sessions.

Handling 100K Consumers with One Topic: Practices and Technical Details (English)

Hongjie Zhai, Researcher, NTT Software Innovation Center

With the development of smart factories and connected vehicles, exchanging messages between a considerable number of devices is required for monitoring and controlling systems. In this connection, Apache Pulsar is one of the best solutions to keeping message pipelines simple, real-time, and safe. As the current message brokers are mainly designed for cloud services, users may face performance problems when they have too many consumers. This session will share the practices and technical details of handling 100K consumers with a single Pulsar Topic.

Awesome Pulsar in Yum China (English)

Chauncey Yan, Backend Engineer, Yum China

Yum China Holdings, Inc. is the largest restaurant company in China with a vision of becoming the world’s most innovative pioneer in the restaurant industry. After its technical research on next-generation message queue solutions, it ultimately selected Pulsar as the implementation standard of message middleware for its technical middle platform. To date, Pulsar has been widely applied in different scenarios within Yum China such as business middle platform and system observability. This talk will be focused on why Yum China selected Pulsar for production use and its experience of performance tuning.

Streaming Wars and How Apache Pulsar is Acing the Battle (English)

Shivji Kumar Jha, Staff Engineer, Nutanix

Sachidananda Maharana, MTS IV, Nutanix

This session will cover the operational challenges Nutanix has faced over the past 4 years when running Pulsar and how Pulsar fits into different use cases given its multi-tenancy and configurability. It will also talk about how Nutanix has aced these challenges to stick to Pulsar and even moved applications from other messaging solutions to Pulsar. It will end with the challenges and learnings on migrating from Kafka and Kinesis to Pulsar.

Pulsar + Envoy: Building an OTO Marketing Platform for Different Business Scenarios on Microservices (Mandarin)

Jason Jiang, Senior Engineer, Tencent

In game marketing, the OTO (One-time Offer) model provides an effective way to improve user experience. A very common OTO scenario is to recommend certain material when the player has met the required conditions. To offer such a capability with low cost and high efficiency, you can use a customized Envoy plugin to support the Pulsar protocol. With Envoy’s flexible routing configurations and various functional plugins, you can provide solutions to different OTO business scenarios with microservices. In this session, Jason Jiang from Tencent will share their experience of using Pulsar and Envoy to create an OTO marketing platform built on microservices for different business scenarios.

Apache Pulsar in Volcano Engine E-MapReduce (Mandarin)

Xin Liang, Senior Engineer, ByteDance

This session will introduce Volcano Engine E-MapReduce, a stateless, open-source big data platform, as well as the motivation for integrating Pulsar as a new cluster type into the Volcano Engine E-MapReduce ecosystem. It will cover some use cases of Pulsar in Volcano E-MapReduce, especially in real-time data warehouse and stream processing. It will also discuss typical real-time scenarios and common problems, and provide possible solutions powered by Pulsar with related services in Volcano Engine E-MapReduce.

A New Way of Managing Pulsar with Infrastructure as Code (Mandarin)

Max Xu, Software Engineer, StreamNative

Fushu Wang, Cloud Engineer, StreamNative

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the process of managing and provisioning infrastructure resources through code instead of manual configurations. IaC offers the benefits of understandable code, idempotence, and consistency over traditional manual configurations. StreamNative developed the Terraform Provider for Pulsar and the Pulsar Resources Operator, which utilize Terraform and Kubernetes CRDs respectively to provide declarative management of Pulsar resources, such as tenants, namespaces, and topics. In this talk, two engineers from StreamNative will discuss how to leverage these two IaC tools to help you better manage Pulsar.

Stability Optimization of Apache Pulsar at Huawei Mobile Services (Mandarin)

Lin Lin, Apache Pulsar PMC Member, SDE Expert, Huawei

HUAWEI Mobile Services is dedicated to enriching users’ lives with next-level content and services that meet every conceivable need and span diverse fields, including smart home, health and fitness, mobile office, apps, smart travel, and entertainment. Currently, HUAWEI Health, AppGallery, HUAWEI Video, and HUAWEI Mobile Cloud are all running on top of HUAWEI Mobile Services. In this session, Lin from Huawei will share their practices of using Apache Pulsar in complex business scenarios at Huawei Mobile Services and propose some of their enhancements for better stability.

To learn more about how companies and organizations today leverage Apache Pulsar for streaming and messaging, especially for mission-critical deployments in production, see the complete list of sessions in Pulsar Summit Asia 2022.

How to participate

Pulsar Summit Asia 2022 is a virtual conference gathering speakers and audiences from different regions. As such, we arranged the conference schedule with time zones, regions, and languages all taken into consideration to provide the best possible experience.

All sessions on Day 1 will be presented in Mandarin, and all talks on Day 2 will be in English. For the Chinese audience, you can register on with your WeChat account. For non-Chinese or English audiences, you can register on this page to watch the English sessions with Zoom.

Register now for free! Contact us at if you have any questions.

About the organizer

StreamNative is the organizer of Pulsar Summit Asia 2022. Founded by the original developers of Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper, StreamNative builds a cloud-native event streaming platform that enables enterprises to easily access data as real-time event streams. As the core developers of Pulsar, the StreamNative team is deeply versed in the technology, the community, and the use cases. Today, StreamNative is focusing on growing the Apache Pulsar and BookKeeper communities and bringing its deep experience across diverse Pulsar use cases to companies across the globe.

More resources

As we can see from the topics submitted to Pulsar Summit Asia 2022, Apache Pulsar has become one of the most active Apache projects over the past few years, with a vibrant community that continues to drive innovation and improvements to the project.

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Sherlock Xu
As a content strategist, Sherlock is keen on open-source technologies such as Kubernetes and Apache Pulsar. His areas of expertise include documentation and localisation.


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