Jan 31, 2023
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Announcing the StreamNative Rest API

Jihyun Tornow
Director of Product Marketing, StreamNative
Alice Bi
Content Strategist, StreamNative
pulsar rest api

We are excited to announce StreamNative Cloud now supports a RESTful interface to Pulsar clusters.

Seamlessly connect to your Pulsar clusters using a straightforward Rest API, eliminating the dependency on any specific client libraries:

  • Effortlessly produce, consume, and acknowledge messages
  • Monitor the state of your Pulsar clusters
  • Perform a wide range of administrative actions

Why develop the StreamNative Rest API

Previously, developers were required to use the Pulsar TCP protocol and a client library to move data in and out of Pulsar. However, if a suitable client library was unsupported, developers were restricted. The Rest API offers a straightforward alternative, particularly for those with simple use cases, where basic API to Pulsar is preferable.

REST is a widely used, user-friendly API for web services with the advantage of format-agonistic and client-server separation. The HTTP protocol-based Rest API does not require library installations.

By implementing the Rest API, StreamNative enables customers to access Pulsar clusters in a flexible, scalable manner, while also enjoying the simplicity of REST.

REST interfaces also allow for automation with DevOps and automation tools, making it easy to integrate Pulsar for event messaging, alerting and data distribution.   The decoupled design offers an integration solution for Pulsar access.

Supported features and use cases

Rest API supports:

  • Support on both non-partitioned and partitioned topics.
  • Produce, consume, and acknowledge messages through a RESTful interface without using the native Pulsar protocol or clients.
  • Support for basic and Avro base struct schema.

Example use cases include:

  • Send data to Pulsar from any frontend application built in any language.
  • Integrate Pulsar with existing automation tools.
  • Ingest Pulsar data into corporate dashboards and monitoring systems.
  • Provide instant access to data in motion for data scientist notebooks.
  • Ingest messages into a stream processing framework that may not support Pulsar.

See Rest API in action

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Jihyun Tornow
Director of Product Marketing at StreamNative. She is a strategic and adaptive Product and Business Development leader with over 16 years experience driving cross-functional programs and global teams. Jihyun is located in San Jose, California.
Alice Bi
Content strategist at StreamNative. She has experience with digital marketing, and UX design, and communication research. Alice is located in Los Angeles, California.


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