Oct 13, 2021
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Highlights from the Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2021

Alice Bi
Content Strategist, StreamNative

In response to high demand for a European event after the Pulsar Summit North America 2021, the first-ever Pulsar Summit Europe took place on October 6th. More than 20 speakers presented at the summit from regional and global companies, including Databricks, Clever Cloud, Elastic, Flipkart, and Tencent, and open-source communities, such as Delta Lake, Apache Skywalking, and Milvus.

The event was packed with the latest Pulsar project and ecosystem updates, technical deep dives, and exciting use cases from around the world. Whether you are a Pulsar veteran or a newbie, Pulsar Summit has something for you. Watch the sessions on-demand if you missed the live event. Below are some of the highlights from the summit.

Most-Watched Sessions

Here are the recaps of the top five most watched sessions:

1. [Keynote] Apache Pulsar, Supporting the Entire Lifecycle of Streaming Data

Presented by Matteo Merli, Pulsar PMC Chair, CTO at StreamNative

In this talk, Matteo Merli shares how recent advancements in the Pulsar technology are enabling companies to use Pulsar as the single data platform to support both messaging and streaming use cases. Matteo shares how Pulsar can be used to simplify data architecture and to enable tighter integration between online processing and offline data services.

Watch Keynote

2. [Keynote] Pulsar in the Lakehouse: Apache Pulsar™ with Apache Spark™ and Delta Lake

Presented by Ryan Zhu, Apache Spark PMC Member and Committer, RxJava Committer, Staff Software Engineer at Databricks, and Addison Higham, Chief Architect and Head of Cloud Engineering at StreamNative

In this keynote, Ryan Zhu and Addison Higham talk about the current state, real-world use cases, and future roadmap of Pulsar + Spark & Delta Lake connectors. Learn how the “Lakehouse” architecture and Pulsar can be used to build a reliable data lake through integrations with Apache Spark and Delta Lake.

Watch Keynote

3. [Keynote] Apache Pulsar: A Foundation Backbone for Clever Cloud

Presented by Quentin Adam, CEO at Clever Cloud

Quentin Adam explains Clever Cloud’s decision to migrate their cloud-based, full-featured computing platform to Pulsar. He shares how Pulsar’s architecture design and capability to support both messaging and streaming use cases have made Clever Cloud more scalable and streamlined.

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4. Tracking Apache Pulsar Messages with Apache SkyWalking

Presented by Sheng Wu, Apache SkyWalking Founder and VP, Apache Board Director, Tetrate.io Founding Engineer, and Penghui Li, Apache Pulsar PMC, Staff Engineer at StreamNative

The move to microservices has brought about increasing complexities in modern infrastructure, making observability critical. In this talk, Sheng Wu demonstrates how Apache Skywalking provides a metrics, tracing, and logging all-in-one solution for system monitoring while Penghui Li explains how Skywalking traces Pulsar messages.

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5. Deep Dive into the Pulsar Binary Protocol

Presented by Christophe Bornet, Senior Software Engineer at DataStax

Pulsar uses a custom binary protocol for communications between producers/consumers and brokers. This protocol is designed to ensure maximum transport and implementation efficiency. In this session, Christophe Bornet talks about the design decisions and implementation of Pulsar binary protocol, from the networking stack, to the protocol frames, to the message exchanges.

Watch Session

For a full list of sessions from the event, click here.

Thank You

We want to thank our event hosts, speakers, attendees, and community partners for making the first-ever Pulsar Summit Europe a success!

How Can You Get Involved?

  • Join the Pulsar community on Slack.
  • Take your Apache Pulsar skills to the next level with free On-Demand Pulsar Training by StreamNative Academy.
  • Read Manning’s Apache Pulsar in Action to learn how to develop microservices-based applications with Pulsar. Download your free copy.


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Alice Bi
Content strategist at StreamNative. She has experience with digital marketing, and UX design, and communication research. Alice is located in Los Angeles, California.


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