Mar 11, 2021
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Introducing the Apache Pulsar Hackathon 2021

Carolyn King
Former VP of Growth, StreamNative
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Adoption of Apache Pulsar is accelerating as organizations around the world pursue cloud-native technologies. To build on this momentum, StreamNative is excited to announce the first-ever Apache Pulsar Hackathon 2021, taking place on May 6-7th. This event will give you an opportunity to:

  • Engage and grow with the Pulsar community
  • Generate ideas to enhance Pulsar and its ecosystem
  • Drive contributions as part of a diverse group of developers and data architects

Why Participate?

Apache Pulsar is quickly becoming one of the most adopted platforms for companies looking to develop real-time data messaging and streaming applications. As a result, the community has seen an increase in engagement and currently boasts:

  • 370+ Pulsar Contributors (with 150+ new contributors in 2020 alone)
  • 7,400+ Github Stars
  • 2,600+ Pulsar Slack Members
  • 80 speakers and 1,600 registrations across 2 Apache Pulsar global conferences in 2020

At the Pulsar Hackathon you will meet other Pulsar enthusiasts and get involved in a rapidly growing technology. And did we mention cash prizes up to $5,000? Whether you’re a Pulsar newbie or expert, join us and showcase your creativity and skills.

Pulsar Hackathon Judges

We have an amazing list of judges on board and by participating you will have a chance to interact with these judges. The panel includes:

  • Sijie Guo, Apache Pulsar PMC Member and CEO of StreamNative
  • Matteo Merli, Apache Pulsar PMC Member and Sr. Principal Software Engineer at Splunk
  • Jerry Peng, Apache Pulsar PMC Member and Principal Software Engineer at Splunk
  • Arvid Heise, Senior Engineer at Ververica
  • Ricardo Ferreira, Principal Developer Advocate at Elastic
  • Addison Higham, Chief Architect at StreamNative

Winners will be announced live at the Pulsar Virtual Summit North America 2021, taking place on June 16-17. You can find more details on the Pulsar Hackathon below.

Hackathon Timeline (All times listed in PST):

  • April 28, 2021 - Registration Deadline
  • May 6-7, 2021 - Hackathon
  • May 6, 9:00 AM - Virtual Live Kick Off
  • May 6, 9:15 AM - 10 PM - Hacking Time
  • May 7, 9:00 AM - 10 PM - Hacking Time
  • May 7, 11:59 PM - Video Submission Deadline
  • June 16-17, 2021 - Winners Announced at the Pulsar Summit North America 2021

Hackathon Categories:

To help inspire you, we’ve created five categories for this year’s hackathon:

  • Pulsar Enhancement: adding new features, improving performance, etc.
  • Pulsar + Big Data Ecosystem Integration: integrating Pulsar with other influential data systems for easy usage
  • Pulsar + Flink Solution: developing end-to-end general data processing solutions based on Pulsar and Apache Flink
  • Pulsar + Cloud: enabling Pulsar to run on cloud environments easily and seamlessly
  • BookKeeper Enhancement: adding new features, improving performance, etc.

Hackathon Prizes:

  • First-place: $5,000
  • Second-place: $2,500
  • Third-place: $1,000
  • All participants: Pulsar and StreamNative swag

How to Participate:

  • Sign up! We encourage teams up to four people. If you already have the team you will be working with and your idea, you can sign up here.
  • If you are looking for teammates, ideas, or just to connect with the community, we encourage you to join Apache Pulsar on Slack (designated hackathon channel: #pulsar-hackathon-2021).
  • Additionally, we will be hosting a special “Office Hours” for Pulsar Hackathon participants with StreamNative’s Chief Architect Addision Higham on April 21, 12:00pm PT. You can sign up for Office Hours here.

Submission Requirements:

  • You and your team will need to submit a pre-recorded video demo of your project by 11:59 PM, PST on May 7th. The max video length is ten minutes.
  • Note: You cannot use pre-existing code but you can connect to pre-existing code and build new stuff on top of existing functionality.
  • You will be judged on three criteria: (1) Innovation (2) Utility / Applicability (3) Difficulty

Want to polish your Pulsar skills? We have resources to help you ramp up:

Please contact with any questions.

Carolyn King
Carolyn has dedicated the past 15 years to helping companies develop growth strategies to drive customer acquisition and revenue. At StreamNative, she leads all things growth, including global Marketing and Community, global Training and Documentation, Developer Relations and Sales for the US and EMEA. She holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson and a BA in Business-Economics from UCLA. Carolyn lives in Santa Monica, California.


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