Jun 8, 2021
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Matteo Merli, Apache Pulsar PMC Chair, Joins StreamNative as CTO

Carolyn King
Former VP of Growth, StreamNative

StreamNative welcomes Matteo Merli to the leadership team as the Chief Technology Officer. Powered by Apache Pulsar, StreamNative provides a cloud-native, real-time messaging and streaming platform to support multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies. Matteo joins at a time when StreamNative is growing rapidly and working to transform customers’ streaming and messaging capabilities with StreamNative Cloud, StreamNative Professional Services, and, soon, StreamNative Platform.

Matteo Merli was one of the original creators of Apache Pulsar at Yahoo! and has been working on the Apache Pulsar project in the decade since. Matteo’s deep industry experience in messaging, streaming, and cloud-native technologies will help accelerate StreamNative’s vision of building a next-generation messaging and streaming platform to bring real-time value to the enterprise.

Why Pulsar?

“Today, companies need unified messaging and streaming capabilities in order to run their business. The line between messaging and streaming use cases is blurring and Pulsar is uniquely positioned to serve both use cases,” Matteo shares.

Matteo is excited about the future of Pulsar. “It is reaching more and more users and becoming easier to adopt and deploy. Pulsar continues to innovate and evolve as a technology, as a project and as a community. New developments, such as updates to tiered storage, functions, connectors, and transactions are enabling new use cases and helping to streamline Pulsar adoption and operations.”

Today, Pulsar has global adoption and a thriving community. A recent survey from the Pulsar PMC revealed a jump in the number of Pulsar deployments from 2019 to 2020.

Additionally, there was a sharp increase in the number of companies using Pulsar at enterprise scale. Tencent, Splunk, Newland Digital Technology Co Ltd, Kingsoft Cloud, and Pactera are just some of the companies using Pulsar to process more than 1 trillion messages a day. These use cases demonstrate Pulsar's ability to deliver mission-critical applications in the real world.

Why StreamNative?

Matteo notes the teams’ Pulsar experience as one of the top reasons he joined. “The StreamNative team has experience operating some of the largest and most diverse Pulsar use cases in the world. In addition to their experience running StreamNative Cloud, the team includes a number of Pulsar committers and contributors, they are active in the Pulsar community, and are helping companies around the globe to adopt Pulsar.”

StreamNative is dedicated to supporting the Pulsar community. Today, the company hosts 5-10 Pulsar events monthly and is the host of the three global summits taking place this year, including Pulsar Summit North America (June 16-17th), Pulsar Summit Europe (September 23rd), and Pulsar Summit Asia (November 20-21st). Global support for the project has helped to bolster the community and last month the Pulsar community hit the 400 contributor mark.

The StreamNative offering, including StreamNative Cloud, StreamNative Professional Services, and, soon to be released, StreamNative Platform, provides turnkey solutions that companies can leverage to successfully deploy Pulsar in production in any environment or any cloud. Matteo added, “StreamNative is building the most compelling data streaming and messaging platform that will set the foundation to solve the data problems of tomorrow. We have a shared vision.”

Stay Connected

  • You can connect to Matteo Merli on Twitter @merlimat.
  • To learn more about StreamNative Cloud, a fully managed SaaS offering of StreamNative Platform, or StreamNative Platform, a self-managed software offering of Apache Pulsar, you can contact us here.
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Carolyn King
Carolyn has dedicated the past 15 years to helping companies develop growth strategies to drive customer acquisition and revenue. At StreamNative, she leads all things growth, including global Marketing and Community, global Training and Documentation, Developer Relations and Sales for the US and EMEA. She holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson and a BA in Business-Economics from UCLA. Carolyn lives in Santa Monica, California.


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