[Press release] StreamNative Simplifies Data Streaming with New Apache Kafka Offering

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StreamNative Simplifies Data Streaming with New Apache Kafka Offering

Generally available Kafka on StreamNative streamlines Kafka workloads providing built-in multi-tenancy, geo-replication, and tiered storage.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 14, 2024 - StreamNative, the cloud-native messaging and event streaming company powered by Apache Pulsar, has announced the generally available version of Kafka on StreamNative available on ONE StreamNative Platform.

ONE StreamNative Platform is an agnostic data streaming platform compatible with multiple streaming and messaging protocols from a single platform. This simplifies complex data streaming by allowing users to seamlessly choose the data streaming technology that best fits their needs. By adding Kafka protocol, the platform allows users to run Kafka workloads on a robust and scalable platform while lowering costs without rewriting applications. 

“Kafka protocol has been the ubiquitous standard in the streaming market. However it was not architected to run at scale in a cost effective manner since it misses key features such as multi-tenancy and two-tiered architecture that separates compute and storage,” said Sijie Guo

Co-founder & CEO at StreamNative. “We added Kafka protocol on our platform so that Kafka users can run the same streaming workloads without migrating or rewriting their application code. In the past, Apache Pulsar has been considered an alternative to Kafka but with Kafka on StreamNative, Apache Pulsar can complement Kafka, allowing users to run the same Kafka workload more efficiently. This latest addition is yet another prime example of the versatile and valuable environment Apache Pulsar provides.”

Despite its many benefits, Kafka also presents users with challenges regarding deploying and maintaining workloads. Due to heavy migration costs and downtime, migrating streaming workloads to other alternatives is not an option for many users.  Kafka on StreamNative alleviates that pain by simplifying the architecture and allowing users to consolidate 10’s of Kafka clusters into a single Pulsar cluster, with no disruptions for the developers. 

With the addition of Apache Kafka on StreamNative, users can run the same Kafka workloads for event or batch stream processing at scale without limitations such as multi-tenancy, partitioning and data retention.  Kafka on StreamNative makes it easier for enterprises using Kafka to leverage Pulsar's enhanced capabilities, including multi-tenancy, geo-replication, tiered storage, and unmatched scalability and elasticity. StreamNative for Kafka brings these capabilities, along with support for large numbers of topics, to organizations that have significant investments in Apache Kafka, the pervasive distributed event store and stream-processing platform. StreamNative for Kafka lets users keep and use Kafka’s APIs, wire protocol and even its connectors, while being able to take full advantage of Apache Pulsar and its own capabilities, on the backend.

Kafka on StreamNative offers users 

  • Scale without limit: Run your Kafka workloads more efficiently on Apache Pulsar without any migration headaches. Built-in multi-tenancy and broker auto-rebalancing allows you to scale Kafka workloads without worrying about maintenance overheads.
  • Always On: Real-time data is now part of all your mission-critical applications. Your data needs to be on all the time. Leverage built-in geo replication functionality to replicate your kafka workloads seamlessly around the globe
  • Lower TCO: Dramatically reduce data streaming costs and management complexities by consolidating 10’s of kafka clusters into a single pulsar cluster.

To learn more about Kafka on StreamNative, register for the upcoming StreamNative webinar and see additional resources below.


About StreamNative

Founded by the original creators of Apache Pulsar, StreamNative provides a cloud-native, scalable, resilient, and secure messaging and event streaming solution powered by Apache Pulsar. StreamNative's solution can be deployed either as a fully-managed Apache Pulsar services, StreamNative Cloud, BYOC or an enterprise-ready, self-managed software offering of Apache Pulsar,Private Cloud. Learn more at Streamnative.io.



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