Jun 14, 2021
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Pulsar Hits Its 400th Contributor & Passes Kafka in Monthly Active Contributors

Carolyn King
Former VP of Growth, StreamNative
Alice Bi
Content Strategist, StreamNative

The Pulsar community hit two major milestones: Pulsar welcomed its 400th contributor last month and Pulsar surpassed Kafka in the number of monthly active contributors. We want to thank everyone in the Pulsar community who contributed.

Community Growth

Community growth and engagement are at the core of every open-source project. The number of contributors (400) signals project adoption and advancement while the number of monthly active contributors indicates the vibrancy of the Pulsar community.

1. 400 Contributors and 2x Growth

The 400th contributor milestone shows the size of the community and the fact that the number of contributors has more than doubled in the past two years shows the trajectory of the project. The charts below provide an overview of key Pulsar milestones.

graph of apache pulsar contributors since 2017

Apache Pulsar Surpasses Apache Kafka

Pulsar recently surpassed Kafka in the number of Monthly Active Contributors. This is significant because Kafka is a large and widely adopted project often considered a lot bigger than Pulsar. As this graph demonstrates, the adoption of Pulsar and engagement in the project has skyrocketed over the last few years and it now has more monthly engagement than Kafka.

grph apache pulsar and kafka monthly active contributors since 2017

3. Apache Pulsar Github Stars

Github stars are another key metric for open source projects. The chart below shows the accelerating growth for Apache Pulsar.

graph apache pulsar github stars

Ecosystem Development

Since the Pulsar project gained its 300th contributor last August, the Pulsar ecosystem has seen a number of updates. Below we look at a few key product launches.

1. Function Mesh - Simplifying Complex Streaming Jobs in the Cloud

Function Mesh is an ideal tool for those who are seeking cloud-native serverless streaming solutions. It is a Kubernetes operator that enables users to run Pulsar Functions and connectors natively on Kubernetes, unlocking the full power of Kubernetes’ application deployment, scaling, and management. Function Mesh is also a serverless framework to orchestrate multiple Pulsar Functions and I/O connectors for complex streaming jobs in a simple way.

2. AWS SQS Connector - Seamless Integration between SQS and Pulsar

The SQS connector enables users to integrate Pulsar with SQS easily, quickly, and securely. Organizations can move data in and out of Pulsar without writing a single line of code. This connector can run jobs on a single node or for an entire organization, which allows users to build reactive data pipelines to serve their business and operational needs in real-time.

3. Cloud Storage Sink Connector - Streaming Data from Pulsar to Cloud Objects

Depending on your environment, the Cloud Storage sink connector can export data by guaranteeing exactly-once delivery semantics to its consumers. It provides applications that export data from Pulsar all the benefits of Pulsar IO, such as fault tolerance, parallelism, elasticity, load balancing, on-demand updates, and much more.

4. MQTT-on-Pulsar (MoP) - Bringing Naitve MQTT Protocol Support to Pulsar

By adding the MoP protocol handler in existing Pulsar clusters, users can migrate their existing MQTT applications and services to Pulsar without modifying the code. This enables MQTT applications to leverage Pulsar’s infinite event stream retention with Apache BookKeeper and tiered storage.

Get Involved

The Pulsar Virtual Summit North America 2021 is taking place on June 16-17th. Keynote speakers include Karthik Ramasamy from Splunk, Ankur Jain from Flipkart, Ankush Goyal from Narvar, Till Rorhrmann from Ververica, and Srikanth Natarajan from Micro Focus.

Register today to get the latest Pulsar project and ecosystem updates, use cases, and best practices!

In addition, the community hosts monthly meetups, webinars, and training for Pulsar users of all experience levels. Sign up for the monthly Pulsar newsletter to stay tuned.

Carolyn King
Carolyn has dedicated the past 15 years to helping companies develop growth strategies to drive customer acquisition and revenue. At StreamNative, she leads all things growth, including global Marketing and Community, global Training and Documentation, Developer Relations and Sales for the US and EMEA. She holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson and a BA in Business-Economics from UCLA. Carolyn lives in Santa Monica, California.
Alice Bi
Content strategist at StreamNative. She has experience with digital marketing, and UX design, and communication research. Alice is located in Los Angeles, California.


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