Nov 30, 2023
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Pulsar Summit North America 2023 Recap

Caito Scherr
Pulsar Summit NAM 2023 banner

The recent Pulsar Summit North America 2023 in San Francisco served as a nexus for the Pulsar community and industry experts to converge, sharing invaluable insights into the future of Apache Pulsar and data streaming. Hosted in person, the summit featured nearly 200 attendees and showcased over 20 enlightening sessions, each a testament to the vibrancy and innovation within the Pulsar ecosystem.

Highlights from Pulsar Summit North America 2023

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from StreamNative's CTO, Matteo Merli, who set the stage with a deep dive into the evaluation of data streaming platforms for modern enterprises. Matteo’s insights paved the way for an engaging exploration of the latest advancements in Apache Pulsar, Kafka on StreamNative, and the broader data streaming landscape.

StreamNative Private Cloud Unveiled

A standout announcement from this year's summit is the launch of StreamNative Private Cloud, StreamNative's self-managed offering of Apache Pulsar. This new addition promises enhanced flexibility and control for organizations seeking a self-managed Pulsar solution, providing a powerful tool in the evolving data management toolkit.

Pulsar and Kafka: A Powerful Duo

The summit also announced improvements to Apache Pulsar, Pulsar Functions, and Connectors, highlighting the continuous commitment to refining the Pulsar experience. As the industry evolves, so does Pulsar, ensuring it remains at the forefront of data streaming innovation.

Cisco’s journey to Apache Pulsar

The event was not just about announcements; it was a forum for deep insights and practical use cases. Cisco Senior Director Chandra Ganguly and Principal Engineer Alec Hothan shared Cisco's journey deploying Pulsar on Cisco’s Cloud Native IoT Platform, offering a firsthand account of leveraging Pulsar to modernize infrastructure and meet the demands of a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Discord's Transition: A Case Study in Innovation

David Christle, Staff Machine Learning Engineer at Discord, presented a captivating case study on their transition from Google Pub/Sub to Pulsar. In his session on "Streaming Machine Learning with Flink and Iceberg," Christle illuminated how Discord utilizes Pulsar to power real-time machine learning applications, underscoring the platform's adaptability and efficacy in handling large-scale data streaming challenges.

Embark on Your Deep Dive Journey

As we release the on-demand videos from Pulsar Summit North America 2023, we invite you to embark on a deep dive into these illuminating sessions. Explore the insights, innovations, and practical applications that define the future of data streaming.

Access the on-demand videos here and be part of the transformative journey in data streaming.

Your breakthrough awaits—happy watching!


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Caito Scherr
Developer Relations at StreamNative


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