Apr 13, 2023
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Sharpen Your Apache Pulsar Skills with StreamNative’s Hands-On Self-Paced Courses

Dustin Nest
Technical Trainer, StreamNative
Karin Landers
Senior Marketing Manager, StreamNative
StreamNative Academy Apache Pulsar Training Courses

Sharpen Your Apache Pulsar Skills with StreamNative’s Hands-On Self-Paced Courses

Interested in learning about Apache Pulsar, the cloud-native, distributed messaging and streaming platform? StreamNative Academy is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Pulsar.

StreamNative training for Apache Pulsar comes in two flavors:

I. Instructor-led training

StreamNative’s instructor-led classes are now self-paced, complete with coding demonstrations and hands-on challenges in a dedicated training environment. StreamNative’s full-time technical trainer is available to answer questions during office hours and can troubleshoot any issues remotely in your training environment. Two classes are offered:

Practical Apache Pulsar Application Development (3 days):

Aimed at developers new to Apache Pulsar or needing to broaden their understanding of Apache Pulsar clients, this course focuses on many of the key features of the Apache Pulsar Java client for producing and consuming messages to a Pulsar cluster. Coding exercises include publishing messages with synchronous and asynchronous Java code, consuming messages using all four subscription types, using keyed messages with partitioned topics and table views, and much more. You will receive a certificate of completion after meeting course requirements. To demonstrate mastery, developers can consider certification by completing Apache Pulsar Developer Certification Level 1: Fundamentals (~12 hours).

Foundations of Apache Pulsar Operations (coming soon, 3 days):

In this course, operators will get hands-on experience installing and configuring a single-node Apache Pulsar cluster in a dedicated StreamNative training environment. Hands-on exercises include installing a Pulsar cluster using helm, monitoring the cluster with Prometheus/Grafana, completing a server upgrade, using pulsar-admin to configure policies, and using pulsar-perf to test the cluster. This course is a great hands-on way to better understand how various components work together to create a resilient Pulsar cluster. You will receive a certificate of completion after meeting course requirements.

II. Free on-demand courses

Not sure if you want to commit to a three-day course? StreamNative offers Pulsar learning content curated for different roles: business leaders, developers, and operators. These learning paths were developed based on valuable feedback from learners who shared that different jobs require different learning pathways.

All users should start with Introduction to Apache Pulsar to learn the basics of Apache Pulsar use cases, the Apache Pulsar messaging model, and Apache Pulsar architecture and design.

From here trainees for each role can focus on their specialized content:

Business Leaders

Learn more about why companies adopt Apache Pulsar and typical application and data architectures.


Continue on your developer learning journey with one of our API essentials courses. We currently have the following languages. These courses will introduce you to the basics of the respective Apache Pulsar client and come with a dedicated training environment.

  • Java
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • Go

After completing API essentials, continue on the developer track to learn about specific features of Apache Pulsar or consider taking the full instructor-led training Practical Apache Pulsar Application Development to dive deep into the Apache Pulsar Java client.


Continue on your operator learning journey with additional video content on topics such as understanding the BookKeeper storage model, scaling Apache Pulsar, and troubleshooting performance issues. To get hands-on experience installing a single node Pulsar cluster using helm, consider taking the full instructor-led training Foundations of Apache Pulsar Operations.

Need help? We’re here for you!

You can contact training-help@streamnative.io anytime during your training. Our training staff are committed to your success, and we are happy to help out if you have any questions.

Additionally, you can join StreamNative Community on Slack and add yourself to the training channel. Post questions related to the training and one of our expert Pulsar instructors will be happy to answer.

We welcome your feedback

Feedback is critical as we continually update and improve our training. There is a survey at the end of each course where you can provide your thoughts on the completed course. We deeply appreciate you taking the time to help us make StreamNative Academy the best Pulsar training available!


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Dustin Nest
Orchestrator of aha! moments by developing and executing interactive software training. Chemical Engineering PhD background provides for unique perspective training industrial clients.
Karin Landers
Karin is a results-oriented, innovative Senior Marketing Manager with over 10 years of experience in marketing operations, automation, analytics, project, content and event management. Her expertise includes cross-functional global marketing strategy and storytelling. Since late 2020, Karin has been a proud member of the Apache Pulsar community.


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