Sep 7, 2021
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Speakers Announced for Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2021

Alice Bi
Content Strategist, StreamNative
Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2021

The first-ever Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe is just one month away! Co-hosted by StreamNative and Clever Cloud, this event will be held online on October 6th at 12:00 PM CEST.

The Pulsar Summit offers a unique opportunity for engineers, architects, data scientists, and technical leaders interested in Pulsar and the messaging and streaming ecosystem to learn and network. Since 2020, the Pulsar Summits have drawn more than 100 speakers, thousands of attendees, and hundreds of companies globally.

The speaker committee for the Pulsar Summit Europe 2021includes Apache Pulsar PMC members Matteo Merli from StreamNative, Jerry Peng from Splunk, and Rajan Dhabalia from Verizon Media. Additionally, Till Rohrmann from Ververica, Karthik Ramasamy from Splunk, Addison Higham from StreamNative, and Ricardo Ferreira from Elastic will be participating.

Featured speakers include engineers, developer advocates, and technical leaders from the Apache Pulsar PMC, Clever Cloud, Databricks, StreamNative, Elastic, DataStax, Flipkart, Zilliz, Tencent, JAMPP, and Softtech.

Register today and learn about the latest Pulsar project updates, technology deep dives, use cases, and ecosystem developments!

Featured Sessions

The Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2021 will feature 3 keynotes and 12 breakout sessions. Below is a sneak peak into some of the featured breakout sessions.

1. Tracking Apache Pulsar Messages with Apache SkyWalking

Presented by Penghui Li, Apache Pulsar PMC Member and Software Engineer at StreamNative

Apache SkyWalking is a popular application performance monitoring tool for distributed systems, specially designed for microservices, cloud-native, and container-based (Docker, K8s) architectures. In this talk, the speakers will walk you through the features of Apache SkyWalking and Pulsar, and demo how to us Pulsar message with SkyWalking to troubleshoot issues related to message publishing and receiving.

2. Log System as Backbone–How We Built the World’s Most Advanced Vector Database on Pulsar

Presented by Xiaofan Luan, Partner and Director of Engineering at Zilliz

Milvus is an open-source vector database for building and managing vector similarity search applications. It has been adopted in production by thousands of companies, including Lucidworks, Shutterstock, and Cloudinary. In this talk, Xiaofan Luan will share with you how the community built Milvus 2.0, a cloud-native, highly scalable and extendable vector similarity solution, on Pulsar.

3. Writing Custom Sink Connectors for Pulsar I/O

Presented by Ricardo Ferreira, Principal Developer Advocate at Elastic

In this talk, Ricardo Ferreira will show you how to write and deploy custom sink connectors for Pulsar I/O that work just like the built-in ones. He will also discuss some of the design decisions that your custom connectors may need to address.

4. Pulsar Watermarking

Presented by Eron Wright, Cloud Engineering Lead at StreamNative

The goal of the Pulsar Watermarking project is to simplify and improve the correctness of stream processing applications. In this session, Eron Wright will do a technical deep-dive into the Apache Pulsar community's plan to support event-time watermarking in a Pulsar topic.

5. Application of Apache Pulsar in Tencent Billing and Tencent Advertising

Presented by Mingyu Bao, Senior Engineer at Tencent

Mingyu Bao will provide a behind-the-scenes on Tencent’s adoption of Pulsar for their billing and advertising use cases and share some of their challenges. He will also discuss the adaptations and improvements Tencent made with Pulsar in order to meet their performance and operations requirements.

Register Now

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from top Pulsar thought leaders. Register now to participate and connect with the Pulsar community at the summit. Check out the full schedule for more details.

Alice Bi
Content strategist at StreamNative. She has experience with digital marketing, and UX design, and communication research. Alice is located in Los Angeles, California.


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