Mar 8, 2024

StreamNative Cloud supports Microsoft Azure

Eric Shen
Product Manager, StreamNative
streamnative and microsoft azure

Today, we are happy to announce StreamNative Cloud on Microsoft Azure. This expands your options for deploying mission-critical event streaming and messaging workloads, unlocking the power of Pulsar on your preferred cloud platform, in addition to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. 

Apache Pulsar has become one of the most popular messaging platforms in modern cloud environments. With StreamNative Cloud on Azure, our enterprise customers can easily build their event-driven applications with Apache Pulsar and get real-time value from their data

Key Benefits of StreamNative Cloud on Azure

  • Seamless Integration: StreamNative Cloud seamlessly integrates with Azure services, enabling users to harness the full power of both platforms without friction.
  • Global Scalability: Leveraging Azure's global network of data centers, StreamNative Cloud users can effortlessly scale their real-time applications to meet the demands of a global audience.
  • Enterprise-grade Security: Azure's robust security features, including identity management, encryption, and compliance certifications, bolster the security posture of StreamNative Cloud deployments, instilling confidence in users regarding data protection and regulatory compliance.
  • Cost Optimization: With Azure's flexible pricing models and StreamNative Cloud's resource-efficient architecture, organizations can optimize their cloud spending while maximizing the value derived from real-time data processing.
  • Enhanced Developer Productivity: By abstracting away the complexities of infrastructure management, StreamNative Cloud empowers developers to focus on writing code and building innovative streaming applications, accelerating time-to-market and fostering a culture of continuous innovation.

Getting Started

Whether you're an organization considering a move to the cloud or already running on Azure, supporting Azure with StreamNative Cloud gives you more choice and flexibility to accelerate your journey to cloud-native streaming data processing! How to get started? When you start StreamNative Cloud, you can simply choose Microsoft Azure as your preferred environment and select availability zones. 

Microsoft Azure deployment is currently in Public Preview for StreamNative Cloud and BYOC, If you would like to try it out, please contact our sales team

Eric Shen
Eric Shen is a Product Manager at StreamNative. He previously worked at Microsoft & Qiniu & PingCAP & Hikvision and focused on Cloud, Storage, and Databases.


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