Jan 21, 2021
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StreamNative Launches Pulsar-as-a-Service on AWS

Carolyn King
Former VP of Growth, StreamNative
Addison Higham
Chief Architect, StreamNative
image announcing streamnative cloud and aws

StreamNative, a cloud-native, real-time data platform powered by Apache Pulsar, just announced its fully managed Pulsar®-as-a-Service offering, StreamNative Cloud, is now available on AWS.

StreamNative Cloud provides a scalable, resilient, and secure messaging and event streaming platform for enterprises. The company offers both Cloud-Hosted and Cloud-Managed options to help organizations accelerate application development and improve time-to-market, details below:

  • Cloud-Hosted provides the ability to spin up a StreamNative-hosted Pulsar cluster on a cloud provider of your choice within minutes.
  • Cloud-Managed offers a fully managed Pulsar cluster deployable to a public or private cloud environment, fully customized to meet user needs.

StreamNative Cloud has witnessed rapid adoption since its initial release, with customers utilizing StreamNative Cloud to power applications for a broad set of use cases, such as order and delivery tracking, customer communication, and powering real-time data lakes.

The expansion of StreamNative Cloud Hosted to AWS will make the offering available to more users and enable AWS cloud customers to more deeply integrate Pulsar with the broader AWS offerings.

StreamNative Cloud on AWS: Pulsar + Flink

The launch on AWS provides not only another cloud option for customers, it also enables customers to integrate Pulsar with AWS-managed offerings, such as Kinesis Data Analytics for Flink and Flink on Amazon EMR.

Leveraging Flink and Pulsar together, companies are able to create a unified data architecture for real-time data-driven businesses. Flink unifies batch and stream processing into a single computing engine with “streams” as the unified data representation. Pulsar, together with BookKeeper, allows organizations to store data as one copy, or source-of-truth, that can be accessed in streams, via pub-sub interfaces, and segments, for batch processing. With StreamNative Cloud now available on AWS, customers will be able to seamlessly integrate Pulsar with AWS’s managed-Flink offering.

New Features in StreamNative Cloud

We are also excited to announce new features that are coming soon in StreamNative Cloud: 1. Tiered storage allows users to offload data to external, cost-effective storage, enabling infinite stream retention that readily scales with the volume of data and without any change to APIs or performance. 2. Pulsar Functions bring serverless computation to event streaming by providing an easy-to-use interface. It allows users to transform, filter, and route data with user-provided code that runs inside your Pulsar cluster.

Why StreamNative Cloud?

StreamNative Cloud is built and operated by the original developers of Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper. The team has experience operating Pulsar in large scale production environments, including at both Twitter and Yahoo!.

Today, the StreamNative team plays an active role in Pulsar’s roadmap and community. Organizations choose StreamNative Cloud not just for its powerful and easy-to-use platform, but also for the team's unmatched operational experience on Pulsar.

Get Started Today

  • Want to try StreamNative Cloud for free? Sign up here
  • Already have a PoC and you’re ready to move to a fully-managed or fully-hosted cluster with 24/7 support and enterprise SLAs? Sign up here
Carolyn King
Carolyn has dedicated the past 15 years to helping companies develop growth strategies to drive customer acquisition and revenue. At StreamNative, she leads all things growth, including global Marketing and Community, global Training and Documentation, Developer Relations and Sales for the US and EMEA. She holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson and a BA in Business-Economics from UCLA. Carolyn lives in Santa Monica, California.
Addison Higham
Addison Higham has deep experience with streaming technologies such as Flink and Spark. Seeking a new stream storage technology for his previous company, Instructure, Addison discovered Pulsar and quickly became a Pulsar champion and drove the company’s adoption of the technology. Addison then joined StreamNative, where he leads development of StreamNative Cloud and helps customers to successfully adopt Pulsar. Addison lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.


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