StreamNative Cloud

Apache Pulsar as a service, StreamNative Cloud delivers a resilient and scalable messaging and event streaming service deployable in minutes. We'll manage Pulsar for you so that you don't have to spend time or resources to deploy, upgrade, or maintain your clusters. StreamNative Cloud currently offers two cluster options:

StreamNative Cloud Managed

Host a StreamNative-managed Pulsar cluster in your public or private cloud environment. We offer three tiers of this service - Essentials, Business, and Elite. Choose the functionality, SLAs and security that you are right for your business.




Pricing Structure

The pricing for a managed Pulsar cluster is based on the deployment scale and availability requirements below. For pricing information, please request a quote and one of our professionals will provide you with detailed pricing based on your requirements.

Availability Requirements

Choose different level of resiliency against zonal or regional outages

Single AZ

Multi AZ

Geo Replicated

Compute Scale

The number of servers for running the Apache Pulsar cluster.

The number of instances determines the throughput available and helps to ensure consistent latency as workload demand increases.

Storage Scale

The storage capacity of the Pulsar cluster. This determines the amount of data that can be stored in Pulsar. The storage capacity includes:

Hot storage (Apache BookKeeper)

Tiered storage. The first 50 TB of tiered storage is free.

Not Sure if Cloud Managed is right for you?

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