Self-managed by your team on Kubernetes, on-premise or across hybrid environments.

Private Cloud offers the utmost privacy, security and flexibility.

Deploy Anywhere Efficiently

Leverage your IT infrastructure, consolidate resources and reduce latency.

  • Self-managed Pulsar with reduced complexity
  • Centralized multi-cluster management
  • Web-based operational tasks
  • Enterprise-grade deployment tooling
  • Faster, safer and more cost effective than self-managing Pulsar

Control Your Data

You retain full control over the message life cycle, from backlog quotas to retention policies.

  • Design tiered-storage mechanisms to fit your needs
  • Retain all historical and in-motion events for as long as you like
  • Set retention at the namespace and topic level
  • Centralize events from across your organization
  • Retain events for compliance audits
  • Auto-scaling storage based on retention policies and traffic
  • Only pay for retained data (not pre-provisioned storage capacity)
  • Compacted and efficient columnar storage to further reduce storage costs

Control Your Security

We configure Pulsar to meet your data security requirements.

  • Leverage your existing security infrastructure and policies
  • Build on SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR and HIPAA compliant code and processes
  • Secure network connectivity via VPC peering and AWS PrivateLink
  • Granular, role-based access controls and policy enforcement
  • Monitor and gain insights in real time
  • Employ end-to-end encryption

Increase and Extend Pulsar Usage Without Vendor Lock-in

  • Modern and flexible enough to fit current and future use cases
  • Unified messaging and streaming reduces the need for new technologies
  • Connect to Kafka, AMQP and other legacy platforms
  • Utilize 40+ data connectors
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