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Cloud-Native event streaming platform built by the original developers of Apache Pulsar®

The StreamNative Platform is a cloud-native offering that complements Apache Pulsar, providing advanced capabilities to help accelerate real-time application development and to simplify enterprise operations at scale.

Founded by the original developers of Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper, StreamNative delivers the most comprehensive event streaming platform powered by Apache Pulsar.


Migrate existing Kafka applications without creating new code. The plug-in protocol handler enables you to ingest data from anywhere and to develop across platforms with support for popular protocols, including Apache Pulsar and Apache Kafka.

Unified Data Processing

Integrate with the most popular unified data processing engines, such as Apache Spark and Apache Flink, to build a unified data processing stack. With the StreamNative Platform, you have the freedom to choose your favorite processing engine to process event streams in Pulsar.

Efficient operations at scale

Tools built by the original developers of Pulsar and BookKeeper, with deep expertise operating Pulsar and BookKeeper at internet scale

Pulsar Manager

Helping You Operate

Pulsar Manager is a web-based graphical user interface that helps you operate and build event streaming applications with Apache Pulsar.

Grafana Dashboards

Helping You Meet SLAs

Expertly-designed dashboards and operating consoles help you meet SLAs and administer key components of your event streaming platform as you scale across the enterprise.


Making the Complex Simple

Faster startup time than java-based pulsar-admin CLI

Support context switching between multiple clusters

Command auto-completion

Why StreamNative?

The StreamNative offering provides committer-driven expertise built by the original developers of Pulsar and BookKeeper. With StreamNative, you work directly with Pulsar and BookKeeper experts and committers, who guide you throughout the real-time application development lifecycle. Leverage Pulsar's fully distributed architecture design for significantly better performance, scalability and flexibility than any other messaging platform.

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