30 min

Validating Apache Pulsar's Behavior Under Failure Conditions

Pulsar Summit San Francisco 2022

Tech Deep Dive

Apache Pulsar is a highly available, distributed messaging system that provides guarantees of no message loss and strong message ordering with predictable read and write latency. In this talk, learn how this can be validated for Apache Pulsar Kubernetes deployments. Various failures are injected using Chaos Mesh to simulate network and other infrastructure failure conditions.

There are many questions that are asked about failure scenarios, but it could be hard to find answers to these important questions. When a failure happens, how long does it take to recover? Does it cause unavailability? How does it impact throughput and latency? Are the guarantees of no message loss and strong message ordering kept, even when components fail? If a complete availability zone fails, is the system configured correctly to handle AZ failures? This talk will help you find answers to these questions and apply the tooling and practices to your own testing and validation.

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Lari Hotari
Engineering Coach, Streaming Customer Reliability Engineering, DataStax


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