28 min

Building a Real-time Analytics Application with Apache Pulsar and Apache Pinot

Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023

Ecosystem Breakout Session

Watch Mary Grygleski, DataStax, and Mark Needham, StarTree, as they show how analytical queries can be run on top of Puslar's event data with Apache Pinot, a real-time distributed OLAP datastore, and then used to deliver scalable real-time analytics with low latency. Explore the integration between Pulsar and Pinot, and learn the features that it supports, then follow along for a demonstration of how to build a real-time analytics dashboard with these technologies.

This Ecosystem Breakout Session recording was originally presented at Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023.

Mary Grygleski
Streaming Developer Advocate at DataStax, Java Champion, President of Chicago-JUG
Mark Needham
Cloud Native Engineer, StarTree


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