27 min

Building Cost Effective Stream Processing Applications with RisingWave and Pulsar

Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023

Ecosystem Breakout Session

In today's fast-paced world, organizations need to process and analyze data in real-time to make better decisions. Stream processing is an essential part of this process, but it can be expensive and challenging to scale. This is where RisingWave, a distributed SQL streaming database, and Apache Pulsar, a leading distributed pub-sub messaging system, can help.

In this talk, Yingjun Wu, RisingWave Founder, and CEO, discusses how to build cost-effective and scalable stream processing applications with RisingWave and Apache Pulsar. Watch how RisingWave's decoupled compute-storage architecture and Pulsar's tiered storage can help you reduce infrastructure and operational costs.

In addition, learn how to build real-time analytics and insights for use cases such as fraud detection and anomaly detection, with a discussion that focuses on practical strategies for achieving scalability and cost savings, drawing on real-world examples and our experience in the field.

This Ecosystem Breakout Session recording was originally presented at Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023.

Yingjun Wu
Founder and CEO, RisingWave


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