18 min

Documentation as Configuration for Management of Apache Pulsar

Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023

Ecosystem Breakout Session

Join Alexander Wichmann and Ulrik Boll Djurtoft, the Lego Group, as they discuss their collaboration StreamNative to host the Pulsar-as-a-Service platform that is used across different domains at the LEGO Group.

Learn how users at the Lego Group use Pulsar through a documentation-based approach where they don't have access to the management console themselves, but rather rely on uploading AsyncAPI specifications defining the topics they want and settings they want to our platforms.

This Ecosystem Breakout Session recording was originally presented at Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023.

Ulrik Boll Djurtoft
Sr. IT Engineer, the LEGO Group
Alexander Wichmann
Sr. Engineer, the LEGO Group


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