Apache Flink x Pulsar Virtual Meetup: Streaming SQL at Uber and Facebook - Day Two

We are thrilled to host the first-ever Apache Flink x Pulsar meetup! The meetup is a two-day virtual event co-hosted by Uber, Ververica, and StreamNative, this video is the recording of our Day-2 sharing.

You will learn about how Uber and Facebook build and optimize their streaming SQL-based applications for unified processing. Additionally, speakers from Ververica and StreamNative will bring you up to date about the latest collaboration between the Flink and Pulsar communities on an integrated end-to-end streaming query solution for real-time data ingestion and analysis.


Day 2

  • 0:00 - 0:30 - Streaming SQL at Facebook (with Q&A) - Shuyi Chen (Facebook)
  • 0:30 - 1:00 - Select Star: Flink SQL for Pulsar Folks (with Q&A) - Marta Paes (Ververica)
  • 1:00 - 1:30pm - Additional Q&A with speakers and networking

Panel Information

  • Talk:Streaming SQL at Facebook - Shuyi Chen, Software Engineer at Facebook
  • SQL based stream processing has been adopted in Facebook since 2014 and previous effort has been largely focused on streaming alone. With the increasing business need for unified stream/batch processing in Facebook, we are rebuilding our SQL stream processing engine towards unified processing.In this talk, we will talk about Facebook’s new SQL stream processing platform. We will cover the high level architecture of the platform. Specifically, we will talk about the streaming SQL extension we support on top of Presto SQL, and the high performance C++ native evaluation engine that are shared across stream processing, Presto & Spark.
  • Talk: Select Star: Flink SQL for Pulsar Folks - Marta Paes, Developer Advocate at Ververica
  • Slides: https://noti.st/morsapaes/wU2kF1/sele...

SQL is eating the world (again!), and stream processing is no exception. As Flink SQL evolves to power business-critical applications at companies like Yelp, Airbnb or Uber, the Flink and Pulsar communities have been working in close collaboration to bring you the best of both worlds. But where do we stand today? In this talk, we’ll get you up to speed with the latest in streaming SQL with Flink and demo how you can integrate with Apache Pulsar to build unified, elastic data processing pipelines.

See Day 1 of the Apache Flink x Pulsar Virtual Meetup
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