Apr 28, 2023
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Product updates for StreamNative Cloud [Apr 2023]: Google Cloud Marketplace, and more!

Jihyun Tornow
Director of Product Marketing, StreamNative

StreamNative delivers enterprise-grade tooling that enables teams to create advanced data streaming and event-driven architecture with Apache Pulsar. These new capabilities enable teams to provide an improved user experience with increased flexibility and control over Pulsar clusters.

Google Cloud Marketplace

We are excited to announce that StreamNative Cloud's Pulsar-as-a-Service solution is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. This new offering provides a turn-key solution that is easy to procure and deploy, with enterprise-grade security and SLA. Built on top of Apache Pulsar, StreamNative Cloud delivers a high-performance, low-latency platform capable of processing, analyzing, and acting on billions of events per second. Read the complete announcement here.

Customers benefit from a simplified procurement process, streamlined purchasing and deployment, and unified billing included in the Google Cloud invoice. Additionally, the solution is fully integrated with other Google Cloud services, such as BigQuery, Dataflow, and Pub/Sub, providing customers with a complete end-to-end data processing solution.

Learn more on our documentation page or head over to Google Cloud Marketplace and check out our solution.

New Cloud Console Client Page

Hosted and Bring-Your-Own-Cloud (BYOC) customers can now benefit from the new client page for Pulsar clusters in the Cloud. This update offers a range of improvements to the Cloud Console, including additional troubleshooting tools and detailed information on topics, namespaces, and cluster resources.

The new client page provides step-by-step guides for configuring popular programming languages and frameworks, such as Spring, Rust, C#, Node.JS, Python, and Rest API. It provides a better user experience to quickly find and configure Pulsar client or Pulsar CLI to Pulsar clusters. Log in to your console and explore the new layout or learn more from our documentation page.

Have questions about the new cloud console client page? Watch Getting Started on StreamNative Cloud video

Cloud Console Client Page

​​Pulsar Transactions on StreamNative Cloud in Beta

The beta release of Pulsar Transactions is now available on Hosted Cloud and BYOC. This feature allows event-streaming applications to consume, process, and produce messages in one atomic operation. This feature supports:

  • Atomic writes across multiple topic partitions.
  • Atomic acknowledgments across multiple topic partitions.
  • All the operations made within one transaction either all succeed or all fail.
  • Consumers are ONLY allowed to read committed messages

Learn more about Pulsar Transactions.

Resources Operator for Geo-Replication

The Pulsar Resources Operator has been updated to enable geo-replication support for StreamNative Private Cloud customers. These updates include:

  • new CRD PulsarGeoReplication allowing a one-way geo-replication,
  • new field BrokerServiceURL to establish connections to remote clusters,
  • new fields ClusterName and GeoReplicationRefs to facilitate the management of geo-replication between clusters.

The Pulsar Resources Operator is the recommended tool for managing Pulsar resources on a Kubernetes cluster. Although CLI tools like pulsar-admin and pulsarctl can be used, the Pulsar Resources Operator provides a more streamlined and simplified approach to configure and manage multi-cluster environments. Learn more about how Resource Operator works in our GitHub repo. Take a look at our Operator's guide for configuring geo-replication using the Pulsar Resources Operator.

Pulsar Admin Library for Go

The Pulsar Admin Go library has been released as an open-source REST API, enabling users to perform administrative tasks on Pulsar clusters. With its user-friendly Go interface, the library enables administrative tasks such as namespace creation, permission granting, and geo-replication changes. Try out the library and visit our documentation page and read the blog.

Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience on StreamNative Cloud, and we can’t wait to see the innovative solutions you’ll create with these new capabilities!

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Jihyun Tornow
Director of Product Marketing at StreamNative. She is a strategic and adaptive Product and Business Development leader with over 16 years experience driving cross-functional programs and global teams. Jihyun is located in San Jose, California.


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