StreamNative Hosted

StreamNative clusters hosted on StreamNative’s public cloud. Available on AWS and GCP

Enable streaming workloads quickly with our Pulsar-as-a-Service offering.

Get Started in Minutes

Quickly provision and deploy a Pulsar cluster and get started.

  • Spin up production-ready Pulsar clusters on demand
  • Create and manage your tenants, namespaces and topics
  • Full Pulsar API to support message, streaming, and transactional use cases

Pay As You Go

Pay for what you use, and scale up or down without any fixed costs.

  • Quickly spin up experimental use cases and proof-of-concept projects
  • Extend Pulsar’s value across your enterprise by solving problems quickly
  • Costs are based on cluster size and traffic

Fully Managed by Pulsar Experts

We configure, monitor and scale everything so you can focus on your streaming pipelines.

  • Zero burden operation at massive scale
  • 99.99% SLA on multi-zone deployments
  • Stress-free upgrades, patches and rollbacks
  • Faster bug-fixes with StreamNative’s enterprise-grade Pulsar offering
  • Supported by Pulsar fanatics who are real humans

Enterprise-grade Security and Data Retention

StreamNative Platform uses best-in-breed security standards and is continuously monitored.

  • Build on SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR and HIPAA compliant code and processes
  • Granular, role-based access controls and policy enforcement
  • Employ end-to-end encryption
  • Pre-design tiered-storage mechanisms
  • Only pay for retained data - not pre-provisioned storage capacity
  • Compacted and efficient columnar storage to further reduce storage costs

Increase and Extend Pulsar Usage Without Vendor Lock-in

  • Modern and flexible enough to fit current and future use cases
  • Unified messaging and streaming reduces the need for new technologies
  • Connect to Kafka, AMQP and other legacy platforms
  • Utilize 40+ data connectors

Quickly Monitor and Gain Insights

  • Enhanced visibility into every aspect of messaging operations
  • Unparalleled resource observability via StreamNative Console
  • Scale mission critical apps with confidence
  • Track key metrics and message delivery
  • Utilize real-time and historical visualizations
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