Ursa Engine

Scale faster, Run smarter, Deploy cheaper.

Kafka and Pulsar now together.

Take Apache Pulsar’s cloud-native capabilities to the next level. Much easier to run, No Keeper to manage, Infinitely scalable, offering a much lower TCO, all can be deployed wherever Kubernetes runs.

What Ursa means for your business

Reduce TCO by nearly


Scale faster


Higher throughput


Kafka API-Compatible

No applications rewrite

100% compatible with Kafka API. Migrate to StreamNative without rewriting your applications. Continue to use the entire Kafka ecosystem out-of-the box.

No Keeper

Less management

No more time sunk into managing Zookeeper. No ZooKeeper makes for easier deployments in modern containerized environments such as Kubernetes.

All your data are immediately available in your data lakehouse. No more disks to manage.

Lakehouse First

Lower costs

Instant structured data to the Lakehouse.
No data tiering anymore. Data streamed into Ursa becomes instantly available in Lakehouse formats for querying. Use of Lakehouse storage formats for long term retention keeps costs to a minimum. Instant structured data to the Lakehouse.

Pulsar Capabilities


StreamNative is the only solution on the market that offers a scalable messaging queue while being compatible with Kafka style’s data streaming API. It provides various queuing features, including out-of-order consumption, individual acknowledgment and negative acknowledgment, TTL, dead-letter queues, and more.


Separate data serving from data storage to enable independent and instant scalability without over-provisioning compute resources. This approach can reduce infrastructure costs by 60% or more.

Pulsar’s rebalance-free data streaming architecture not only speeds up elasticity but also substantially lowers the total cost of ownership. No data balance, no network cost, no labor cost, and less service disruptions.


Eliminate bespoke management of hundreds of Kafka clusters. Consolidate your various teams' data streaming usage into one multi-tenant platform with RBAC, quota and resource management, and tenancy isolation.

Try StreamNative free!
Upgrading from Apache Kafka & Pulsar to StreamNative is easy.
Deploy in minutes. Pay as you go. Available on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. No credit card required.