25 min

Pulsar Summit Europe 2021 - Apache Pulsar, Supporting the Entire Lifecycle of Streaming Data

We have long stressed that there is more and more a need for unified messaging and streaming and that Apache Pulsar is the platform that better supports this vision and makes it possible, at a large scale. In his talk, Matteo Merli will show how we can take this messaging & streaming unified paradigm one step further, to fully take advantage of their integration. The result is a drastically simplified architecture: a single system that is able to support the data throughout its entire lifecycle, from when the event is happening down to the historical archiving. The ramifications of this shift are big, as we can see Pulsar is in the perfect spot to enable tighter integration between online and offline worlds.

Download slides.

Matteo Merli
CTO, StreamNative & Co-Creator and PMC Chair Apache Pulsar


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