Event Sourcing

Event-sourcing is an architectural pattern for which the source of truth for the state of a business entity (like a bank account) is not in a database but the set of events relative to this business entity (like money withdraws or money deposits in the case of a bank account). This pattern's primary benefit is providing a 100% reliable audit log.

This pattern allows calculating states at any given time and the ability to update business rules and reapply them retroactively from the events log. Implementing an event-sourcing pattern can be challenging without some of the features provided by Pulsar and StreamNative.

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Long-term storage is crucial if events are used as the source of truth. This can become very expensive without the Pulsar ability to offload the oldest events to cheaper 3rd party storage.

Pulsar supports millions of topics, which can be individually dedicated to business entities. This allows for quicker recalculation of individual states by avoiding the need to read through large amounts of data at once.

Pulsar offers compacted topics and stateful functions for storing regular snapshots of states, simplifying implementation without the need for an additional database.

Pulsar's schema registry ensures long-term compatibility of event formats, allowing you to reread previous events.