Message Queues

Message queues enable applications to communicate with each other asynchronously by passing messages between them. It works by allowing a sender application to send a message to a queue, which is then stored until it is retrieved by a receiver application.

Message queues are used to decouple applications, improve scalability, handle data throughput spikes or to increase reliability by ensuring that communication is not lost when a component fails.

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Scale your cluster horizontally by easily adding more nodes as your needs grow.

Use delayed messages to implement retry logic or schedule a  job to run at a specific time.

Enhanced Pulsar functions provide real-time messaging processing capabilities.

Choose from “at least once”, “at most once” or "exactly once" delivery guarantees.

Use dead letter queues to store messages that can not be processed by consumers.

Distribute the workload of messages from a topic among multiple consumers, which can be seamlessly added or removed.