Event-Driven Architecture

Event-Driven architecture is the new standard for developing resilient and scalable applications. This pattern allows breaking large monolithic applications into smaller services - more easily manageable by teams.

Any communication failure between these services can result in business losses which is why a messaging platform like StreamNative with Apache Pulsar is the ideal technology to be the central nervous system of your applications.

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An integrated schema registry ensures that a message produced by a team can be consumed by another team.

Losing data is virtually impossible in a Pulsar cluster. If a full region becomes out-of-reach, your applications can automatically switch to another StreamNative cluster replicated in another region.

Enhanced Pulsar Functions provide an elegant and reliable way to deploy and autoscale microservices.

Latencies are proven consistently low, allowing reliable but also fast applications.

Messages can be shared through as many consumers as needed. Consumers can be dynamically added or removed. StreamNative clusters can also be seamlessly scaled to grow with business needs.

Database data capture technology can automatically create events to be used by other services.