Jun 6, 2023
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Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023 On-Demand Videos Available Now

Karin Landers
Senior Marketing Manager, StreamNative
Julien Jakubowski
Developer Advocate, StreamNative
Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023 On-Demand Videos Available Now

The Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023 videos are available now!

Check out descriptions and links to each session below, or get every video here, or on the StreamNative Youtube channel here.


About Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023

StreamNative is proud to have hosted the 2nd Pulsar Summit in Europe and we would like to thank the Apache Pulsar community for making it a huge success.

On May 23rd, nearly 400 attendees representing over 20 countries gathered online for presentations on the latest improvements in Apache Pulsar and how companies are using Pulsar. It was the largest attendance to date for a Pulsar Summit, which speaks to the growing adoption and interest in Pulsar. Presentations included content about new features, project updates to make Pulsar even more scalable and resilient, as well as stories shared by companies that are building next-generation real-time streaming applications and solving complicated use cases using Pulsar. Read on for more information about each of the presentations! 

Picture of the open podium with a microphone and "Pulsar Summit, hosted by StreamNative" on the front of the podium.


Keynote speakers illuminated the path forward, showcasing Pulsar’s new features for increased scalability and reliability! 

Pulsar: The State of the Wave 

Sijie Guo and Matteo Merli, StreamNative
Watch the discussion of the evolution of Apache Pulsar over the years and what to expect in the future, including the recent release of version 3.0. Watch the video.

Challenges of Hosting a Pulsar-as-a-Service Platform Under a Shared Responsibility Model 

Edgaras Petovradzius and Mathias Ravn Tversted, the LEGO Group
Explore the challenges the LEGO Group encountered to host and manage Pulsar-as-a-Service across multiple domains, and how they successfully collaborated with StreamNative in the process. Watch the video.

How We Simplified a Highly Complex and Sensitive Data Stream Using Apache Pulsar

Matt Hefford and Lloyd Chandran, Zafin

Hear why Zafin originally chose Pulsar and how StreamNative is able to provide expert help to troubleshoot challenges, and provide access to core committers to create a permanent solution. Matt Hefford also shares how Zafin utilizes StreamNative’s support for hosted Pulsar to achieve a challenging financial use case. Watch the video.

From an Async API Definition to a Deployed Pulsar Topology Via GitOps 

Markus Falkner and Armin Woworsky, Raiffeisen Bank International 

Get a deeper understanding of GitOps, Kubernetes operators, Apache Pulsar, and Async API, and gain insights into how these technologies can be leveraged to build efficient CI/CD pipelines that enable rapid deployment of message-driven applications. Learn how a comprehensive Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline based on GitOps is used to deploy a topology built on Async API definitions using a Kubernetes operator to an Apache Pulsar cluster. Watch the video.

Oxia: Scaling Pulsar’s Metadata to 100x

Matteo Merli, StreamNative

In this session, Matteo introduces Oxia, the much-anticipated metadata store and coordination system designed to enable even more robust scaling of Pulsar clusters. He shares the design goals, architecture, and development journey of Oxia, and how its design leverages modern cloud-native environments to provide a highly flexible and dynamic operational environment. Read the Oxia announcement. Watch the video.

Pulsar Adoption Stories

Several real-world practitioners demonstrated how Pulsar revolutionizes data streaming use cases across a variety of industries. Engineers from prominent companies showcased how their organizations are successfully adopting Pulsar. They highlighted why they chose Pulsar and how Pulsar helps them to address real-time data processing challenges while achieving remarkable levels of scalability and reliability.  

Pulsar in Finance - A Tale of Migration 

George Orban, Daiwa Capital Markets

George Orban presents a “Pulsar Love Story,” sharing the experience of migrating a pricing engine and trading system from TIBCO Rendezvous and other messaging solutions to Apache Pulsar. He shares the reasons for choosing Pulsar, including its suitability for enterprise applications and finance, and how it improved their stack’s resilience, robustness, and speed. Watch the video.

Pulsar Observability in High-Topic Cardinality Deployments for Telco

Habip Kenan Üsküda, Axon Networks

Habip Kenan Üsküda shares the experience of building an observability stack using Grafana and Prometheus for their cloud-native platform based on Apache Pulsar, enabling their monitoring stack to scale to 1 million topics. Watch the video.

System-level Testing of a Pulsar-based Microservice Application

Jaakko Malkki, HSL (Helsinki Region Transport)

In this talk, Jaakko Malkki describes how testing applications using microservice architecture at a system-level is difficult due to the complex nature of the application and the different types of technologies used. At Helsingin Seudun Liikenne, they use Pulsar-based microservice application called Transitdata for processing realtime public transport information, such as stop time predictions, vehicle positions and service alerts. Learn how they removed tedious manual, error-prone testing, and make creating automated tests easier, enabling faster deployment of new features. Watch the video.

Documentation as Configuration for Management of Apache Pulsar 

Alexander Wichmann and Ulrik Boll Djurtoft, the Lego Group

Hear first-hand from Alexander Wichmann and Ulrik Boll Djurtoft, as they discuss their collaboration StreamNative, who provides hosted Pulsar-as-a-Service for the Lego Group. Explore the details of how that platform is used across different domains, and the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing documentation-based configuration, including the challenges in configuring Pulsar for this use case. Watch the video.

Discover Apache Pulsar

Whether a seasoned Pulsar expert or new to the community, Pulsar Summit has something for everyone. Here, watch a high-level overview of Pulsar that also addresses the underlying architecture when compared to other technologies.   

Scalable Distributed Messaging & Streaming with Apache Pulsar 

Julien Jakubowski, StreamNative

Julien presents the fundamentals of Pulsar, including messaging and the ability to build event-driven applications. He shares how Pulsar architecture enables vast scaling and elasticity for both processing & data storage effortlessly. He describes the guarantees of message high durability Pulsar offers, and how it can be used as a unified streaming and messaging platform. Finally, he dives into how Pulsar can integrate with existing application portfolio, and why Pulsar should be top of mind when solving demanding messaging and streaming use cases! Watch the video.

Reliability & Observability

These talks will help you build bullet-proof systems that are both resilient and observable. 

Error Handling Patterns in Pulsar 

David Kjerrumgaard, StreamNative

David Kjerrumgaard introduces different ways to handle errors and message retries in your event streaming applications. Learn the built-in mechanisms in Apache Pulsar that handle processing failures, including negative acknowledgments, retry topics, dead-letter queues, etc. Watch the video.

The Future of Metrics in Apache Pulsar 

Asaf Mesika, StreamNative 

Asaf Mesika discusses challenges of using observability metrics in Pulsar from both user and committer perspectives, including issues such as high topic count limitations, improper histogram use in Grafana, and implementation difficulties. He concludes with recommendations on how to address these common problems and offers insights for leveraging metrics in Pulsar using Open Telemetry. Watch the video.


Watch these recordings to better understand the growth the Pulsar ecosystem is experiencing as companies forge strong connections to technologies such as Apache NiFi, RisingWave, Spring, Apache Pinot, and more.

Introducing Spring for Apache Pulsar - Live Coding Demo

Chris Bono and Soby Chako, VMware

Spring for Apache Pulsar is a library that makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications using Apache Pulsar that you can “just run”. In this talk, Chris Bono and Soby Chako explore Spring for Apache Pulsar by looking at the core features that it provides including Spring Cloud Stream binder, Reactive support, GraalVM Native Image Support, and Pulsar IO/Functions support. By the end of this video, you will learn how to create a basic Spring for Apache Pulsar app and evolve it from imperative -> reactive -> native.  Watch the video.

Build Low-code Stream Data Pipelines with Pulsar Transformations 

Christophe Bornet, DataStax

Christophe Bornet shares how the open-source Pulsar Transformations provide low-code manipulation of data while leveraging what is already part of Pulsar, instead of needing to deploy an advanced Stream Processing technology. Watch the video.

How to Choose the Right Streaming Database for Pulsar 

Bobur Umurzokov, Apache APISIX 

In today's world of real-time data processing and analytics, streaming databases have become an essential tool for businesses that want to stay ahead of the game. However, with so many options available in the market, choosing the right streaming database can be a daunting task. Watch Bobur Umurzokov as he shares what SQL streaming is, when, why and how to use the Streaming database, as well as some key factors that you should consider when choosing the right streaming database for your business. Watch the video.

Using Apache NiFi with Apache Pulsar for Fast Data On-Ramp 

Tim Spann, Cloudera

Tim Spann shares the power of joining forces between Apache NiFi and Apache Pulsar. Apache NiFi adds the benefits of ELT, ETL, data crunching, transformation, validation and batch data processing, and once data is ready to be an event, NiFi can launch it into Pulsar at light speed. Watch the video.

Building Cost-Effective Stream Processing Applications with RisingWave and Apache Pulsar 

Yingjun Wu, RisingWave

Yingjun Wu discusses how to build cost-effective and scalable stream processing applications with RisingWave and Apache Pulsar. Learn how RisingWave's decoupled compute-storage architecture and Pulsar's tiered storage can help you reduce infrastructure and operational costs, and how to build real-time analytics and insights for use cases such as fraud detection and anomaly detection. Watch the video.

Demo: Build ML Enhanced Event Streaming Apps with Java Microservices 

David Kjerrumgaard, StreamNative

Learn the easy way to build and scale machine learning apps in this demo-focused presentation from author and Solutions Engineer David Kjerrumgaard. Watch the video.

Building a Real-time Analytics Application with Apache Pulsar and Apache Pinot 

Mark Needham, StarTree and Mary Grygleski, DataStax

Explore the integration between Pulsar and Pinot, and learn the features that it supports, then follow along for a demonstration of how to build a real-time analytics dashboard with these technologies. Mary Grygleski and Mark Needham show how analytical queries can be run on top of Puslar's event data with Apache Pinot, a real-time distributed OLAP datastore, and then used to deliver scalable real-time analytics with low latency. Watch the video.

Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023 Event Highlights

By the Numbers: 

  • 387 attendees representing 20+ countries 
  • 24 speakers from companies including The Lego Group, Zafin, VMware, Axon, HSL, and more

Open Q&A Session:

Another highlight of the Summit was the open Q&A session, where a panel of facilitators and engineers answered unstructured questions live. You can watch the entire Q&A session along with the extended responses here

In addition to answering several questions live, the panel also announced the release of the new Pulsar website. We'd like to also take a moment to thank the many Pulsar community members who worked together to design and implement a more engaging and professional looking website that captures our thriving open source community. Special thanks to Asaf Mesika, Emidio Cardeira, Tison Chen, all from StreamNative, and Kiryl Valkovich of Teal Tools, for their major effort creating the new design and implementation!

@CardeiraEmidio, @asafmesika, @tison1096 @TealTools @visortelle

What Attendees Have to Say about Pulsar Summit:

“I enjoyed these presentations because they were applicable to my use cases. I currently use #Kafka/#Confluent so learning some of the technologies in #ApachePulsar helped me better understand what Pulsar is capable of.” -Anonymous survey response 
“Collaboration thrives as attendees connect and forge new alliances. The Pulsar community grows stronger, generating ideas and partnerships that will propel the ecosystem forward into 2023 and beyond.” -David Kjerrumgaard, StreamNative Dev Rel and Solution Engineer

Post Event Survey Responses

The attendee survey added additional insight from the attendee experience:

  • 94% of attendees who completed the survey ranked the Pulsar Virtual Summit as “Excellent: 5/5”
  • 100% said the event fulfilled their expectations 
  • 85% were “incredibly satisfied” by the agenda and speakers, with several open feedback responses asking for the Summit to be stretched into“two days, as there is so much good content” 
  • 94% responded that they “will attend future Pulsar Summits”

It Takes a Village…

As the hosts of Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe, StreamNative wants to thank all of the Community Sponsors, Speakers, Program Committee, Moderators, and Panelists that helped to make this event a success. Are you interested in becoming a future sponsor or Program Committee member? Please reach out to event staff here.

The in-person stage from Pulsar Summit San Fran 2022.
Pulsar Summit Returns to the live stage

Coming Up Next: Pulsar Summit Returns to the Live Stage! 

Bay Area, October 2023. Be the first to hear more.

Pulsar Summit is returning to the Bay Area in-person!

About StreamNative

Pulsar Virtual Summit Europe 2023 is the 8th Pulsar Summit event hosted by StreamNative. StreamNative is built by the original creators of Apache Pulsar, and is one of the leading contributors to the open source Apache Pulsar project. StreamNative offers a fully managed service to help teams accelerate time-to-production and take advantage of Pulsar’s powerful streaming and messaging technology. Learn more about managing Pulsar at scale with StreamNative Cloud.

Pulsar Summit, Hosted by StreamNative projection.


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Karin Landers
Karin is a results-oriented, innovative Senior Marketing Manager with over 10 years of experience in marketing operations, automation, analytics, project, content and event management. Her expertise includes cross-functional global marketing strategy and storytelling. Since late 2020, Karin has been a proud member of the Apache Pulsar community.
Julien Jakubowski
Julien Jakubowski is a Developer Advocate at StreamNative with over 20+ years of experience as a developer, staff engineer, and consultant. He has built several complex systems with distributed, scalable, and event-driven architecture for various industrial sectors such as retail, finance, and manufacturing.


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