First-Ever Pulsar Summit Virtual Conference 2020 | June 17th and 18th

Our Story

Founded by the original developers of Apache Pulsar® and Apache BookKeeper®, StreamNative builds a cloud-native event streaming platform that enables enterprises to easily access data as real-time event streams

Where we started

Many of us have been working on Apache BookKeeper-based event streaming systems (such as Apache Pulsar, and etc) for years, managed the largest BookKeeper production deployment that processes trillions of events every day, and have seen the success of them at leading internet companies.

Powering Tencent Billing Platform with Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar at Yahoo! JAPAN

Build a Priority-based Push Notification System Using Apache Pulsar at GeTui

How Orange Financial combats financial fraud in over 50M transactions a day using Apache Pulsar

Simplifying Zhaopin’s Event Center with Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar Adoption Story in ActorCloud (IoT Platform)

Where we’re going

Now we are focusing on building a larger community of Apache Pulsar and Apache BookKeeper, bringing the technologies to many other companies, and helping them get easy access to their data as real-time streams.


Our mission is to help the companies over the world make values and innovations out of their enterprise data as real-time event streams.

We provide a Cloud-Native Event Streaming Platform powered by Apache Pulsar for data science teams to collaborate with data engineering and business teams to accelerate their business innovations.

Team Members

Eron Wright

Cloud Engineering Lead

Apache Flink committer

Jennifer Huang

Senior Technical Writer

Pulsar committer

Jia Zhai


Pulsar PMC Member

Neng Lv

Software Engineer

Apache Heron Committer

Sijie Guo

Co-Founder & CEO

Pulsar PMC Member

Yijie Shen

Software Engineer

Spark & Pulsar Contributor

Yu Liu

Content Strategist

Pulsar committer

StreamNative Advisors

Chris Aniczszyk


John Wang

CTO, Dashbase

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