Reimagine Kafka for the data streaming age

StreamNative re-architected data streaming from the ground up for cloud native environments. Our ONE StreamNative Platform powered by Ursa engine offers scalable, high performant and cost efficient, and Kafka API-compatible data streaming platform that can run on any clouds. 

Pulsar Virtual Summit EMEA

Join our annual Pulsar Virtual Summit EMEA on May 14th 2024 featuring new product announcements as well as Pulsar Observability, Lakehouse Tiered Storage, Generative AI in Real-time, and more!

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Introducing Ursa Engine

Learn about our latest innovation, Ursa! It is Kafka compatible engine built on Lakehouse storage.

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Webinar: Deep Dive into Streaming Data Platform Gigaom Radar 2024

StreamNative secured a leader position at Gigaom Radar for Streaming Data Platform. Learn about latest Data Streaming trends from Gigaom analyst Andrew Brust and StreamNative CEO Sijie Guo.

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