Pulsar Adoption Stories

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October 2023
5 min read

Apache Pulsar, Kafka Protocol, Tiered storage and Beyond! Here’s What Happened at Pulsar Meetup Beijing 2023

December 2022
12 min read

WeChat: Using Apache Pulsar to Support the High Throughput Real-time Recommendation Service

November 2022
10 min read

How Proxima Beta Implemented CQRS and Event Sourcing on Top of Apache Pulsar and ScyllaDB

October 2022
9 min read

600K Topics Per Cluster: Stability Optimization of Apache Pulsar at Tencent Cloud

August 2022
8 min read

Client Optimization: How Tencent Maintains Apache Pulsar Clusters with over 100 Billion Messages Daily

June 2021
4 min read

Pulsar User Survey 2021 Highlights

January 2021
8 min read

How Apache Pulsar is Helping Iterable Scale its Customer Engagement Platform

November 2020
12 min read

Powering Federated Learning at Tencent with Apache Pulsar

July 2020
9 min read

Pulsar vs Kafka - Part 2 - Adoption, Use Cases, Differentiators, and Community

July 2020
12 min read

Apache Pulsar Adoption: Why Companies Use the Streaming and Messaging Platform

May 2020
11 min read

How Apache Pulsar Helps Streamline Message System and Reduces O&M Costs at Tuya Smart

April 2020
7 min read

Why we moved from Apache Kafka to Apache Pulsar

February 2020
14 min

Apache Pulsar® Helps Tencent Process Tens of Billions of Financial Transactions Efficiently with Virtually No Data Loss

November 2019
7 min read

How Orange Financial combats financial fraud in over 50M transactions a day using Apache Pulsar

October 2019
13 min read

Powering Tencent Billing Platform with Apache Pulsar

September 2019
3 min read

Apache Pulsar Adoption Story in ActorCloud (IoT Platform)

July 2019
5 min

Build a Priority-based Push Notification System Using Apache Pulsar at GeTui

July 2019
11 min read

One Storage System for both Real-time and Historical Data Analysis - An Apache Pulsar story

6 min read

Simplifying Zhaopin’s Event Center with Apache Pulsar

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