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Pulsar plays a mission-critical role in Tencent billing platform. The high consistency, availability and stability of Pulsar helps the billing and trading engine run efficiently. Pulsar have successfully handled tens of billions of transactions during peak time, guarantees data consistency in processing transactions and provides 99.999% high availability for our billing service.

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Dezhi Liu

Apache Pulsar, Tencent, Billing Platform

Yahoo! JAPAN is a Japanese internet company originally formed as a joint venture between Yahoo! and SoftBank. The web portal of Yahoo! JAPAN is the most popular website in Japan, and its internet services are almost dominant in the country. Yahoo! JAPAN has adopted and run Apache Pulsar for many years to process billions of messages every day.

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Nozomi Kurihara

Yahoo!JAPAN, scalability, multi-tenancy, geo-replication, Pulsar Functions

GeTui is one of the largest third-party push notification service providers in China. They adopted Pulsar for building a new priority-based notification system to address the business growth issues encountered using Apache Kafka. This blog post discusses why they went with a Pulsar solution.

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Zi Xiang

Pulsar, GeTui, Push Notification, Messaging System, Kafka

Zhaopin is one of the largest online recruiting and career platforms in China. In this blog, Penghui Li describes the event processing use cases at Zhaopin and the issues that they faced using two different systems, RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka, and presents their rationale for choosing Apache Pulsar to simplify their event streaming platform.

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Penghui Li

Pulsar, Event Center

Leveraging Apache Pulsar, the open source IoT platform ActorCloud implements IoT device data access, device management, data storage, data analysis, and provides a flexible programming interface to develop IoT applications that meet specific needs of IoT vertical industries, and it enables horizontal expansion of device access and data processing.

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Rocky Jin

Apache Pulsar, ActorCloud, EMQ, IoT

Orange Financial leverages Apache Pulsar to boost the efficiency of its risk-control decision development, and combats financial fraud over 50M transactions a day.

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Vincent Xie

Apache Pulsar, Orange Financial, Mobile payment

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