[Pulsar Community Weekly Update] 2019-10-19 ~ 2019-10-25

This is the Pulsar community weekly update for 2019-10-19 ~ 2019-10-25, which helps you quickly capture Pulsar’s highlights and spot trends over last week, meanwhile strengthen the communication and connection within the Pulsar family.


  • [CI] ASF Jenkins is back to ‘normal’ after reverting ‘Add default loader for latest pyyaml (#4974)’ [1] in #5432 [2]. The problem was from the usage of pyyaml in python 2.7 causing function workers failing to start in integration tests. The committers started merging the pull requests.

    [1] https://github.com/apache/pulsar/pull/4974

    [2] https://github.com/apache/pulsar/pull/5432

  • [PIP-43] The main logic for supporting producers to send message with different schemas was merged. With this change, Pulsar provides the capability of supporting event sourcing applications with different schemas. Kudos to Yi Tang!


  • [Functions] Jerry Peng started the effort on refactoring functions runtime to make it pluggale. It will make the future development of adding a new runtime easier and more smoothly.


  • [PIP-45] The second pull request for pluggable metadata interface is out to change the implementation of ManagedLedger to use MetadataStorre interface.


  • [Key-Shared] Penghui kicked off the implementation of supporting sticky consumers in key_shared subscription. This provides a capability for consuming sub-streams from a given topic (partition) in order. It can be used in Flink integration for supporting flexiblle scaling up-and-down.


  • [Transaction] The development of TC continues with adding topic ownership listener for bootstraping coordinator when a coordination topic is owned.


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